Does Texas Have a Vampire on Its Hands?

Kolbakova Olga /
Kolbakova Olga /

Typically, you hear about Florida Man doing weird and illegal things. However, it seems that Texas Man has now decided to up the game a bit.

A man by the name of Colton Tyler Ryan has been accused of not only enticing a child under the age of 15 with the intention of committing sexual assault but also biting the child several times on the neck “like a vampire.”

Ryan committed the act against a 10-year-old boy. The boy was playing with a few of his friends when Ryan separated him from his friends and forced him into the restroom of the apartment gym.

According to KTRK-TV, the victim’s mother found out what happened after seeing messages on her son’s phone. Ryan had been messaging him at all hours of the day in an attempt to meet up. She’d also spotted the pedophile and “vampire” circling the apartment building at numerous times.

It had been made clear to Ryan that the mother did not approve of her contacting the boy. However, he wanted to continue to “play” like they did on Friday October 13. That’s when Ryan sucked and bit on the boy’s neck.

One time of role-playing like a vampire apparently wasn’t enough for Ryan.

Once the mother saw the text messages, she called the police. Ryan was held on a $50,000 bond.

In the meantime, if you see vampire-like bites on your child’s neck, you may want to consider calling the police even before you see text messages coming through.

We knew Houston had some weirdos, but this takes the cake.

Maybe it’s because Halloween is around the corner or maybe it’s that criminals are becoming emboldened because liberal politics don’t allow them to pay for their crimes anymore.