Cops Blasted with Liquid Manure at EU Headquarters as Tensions Escalate with Farmers

David Calvert /
David Calvert /

The European Union headquarters in Brussels has been under siege by a protest of farmers this week as the unelected dictators continue trying to destroy small farms to save the weather from global warming. Clashes between cops and farmers are growing more confrontational. The building was surrounded by tractors, and the streets were littered with hay, barley, and burning tires. Oh, and the farmers sprayed the cops with thousands of gallons of liquid poop!

The EU building was surrounded by cops in riot gear. They set up barricades and razor wire, but that was no match for the heavy-duty tractors. The razor wire was breached in at least one place, and barricades were simply ripped down. Farmers were seen throwing eggs and flares at the cops on some videos posted to Twitter/X.

Many of the tractors were carrying signs that read things like, “Our death is your hunger,” “Europe wants us to die,” and “I feed you but I die.”

The farmers’ frustration stems from the global warming regulations passed by the EU that make it impossible to operate a farm. The costs of complying with the ridiculous mandates are driving farmers out of business. They’ve had it with the unelected EU destroying their family businesses and their way of life.

It’s also incredibly stupid that Western governments suddenly believe that shutting down farms is a solution to the weather. The European governments don’t seem to realize where all the food in the grocery stores is coming from.

The unlucky cops who were tasked with guarding the EU headquarters were introduced to a piece of farm equipment that many of them had probably never seen before.

Behold the liquid manure spreader!