CIA Caught Helping Sexual Predators To Get Away

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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been notorious for its poor employment decisions, as well as failed agents. Freakouts from things like MK Ultra and other failed experiments are just a part of their history, as are failed operations in the Middle East. Now they are failing at home, and not just the American people, but even those looking to be a part of the organization.

Filed by an unnamed CIA trainee, she alleges another trainee sexually assaulted her, and the CIA violated multiple laws and committed witness tampering. She further alleges that the CIA did everything it could to try and prevent her from filing charges. After she went ahead and filed them anyway, the CIA stepped in to prevent the local PD from filing a protective order on the assailant. Even worse, they told her she would suffer if she appeared before Congress, despite them offering Federal whistleblower protections as part of a deeper investigation.

Violating the Privacy Act, it is alleged they disclosed her personal information inside secure agency files to her assailant’s defense. Adding insult to injury, they are also alleged to have spread a rumor about her role in an extramarital affair. When she still spoke to Congress about the investigation, she suddenly found her attendance and timeliness investigated. This is a classic trick to try and get rid of unliked or untrusted employees.

Then in August, a CIA public affairs officer pulled her aside to discuss information that had been reported leaked to the Associated Press. Allegedly the AP had found out her real name and was contemplating publishing it with a story about her lawsuit against the CIA. Her career is essentially being threatened by this bluff, but the AP has a policy to protect victim’s identities, according to the report.

A CIA spokesperson spoke to the Daily Caller News Foundation about the suit. “More broadly, CIA continues to take concerns about our handling of employee allegations of sexual assault and harassment extremely seriously, and we have already taken significant steps in this regard. We are focused on instilling in all officers a culture of duty to act, and ensuring they know they are encouraged to report any incidents of sexual assault to law enforcement authorities.”

Somewhere between January and April of this year, three CIA employees came to the House Intelligence Committee about accusations of the agency having a massive problem with sexual assault. With rampant mishandling of cases as well as attempting to dissuade people from filing complaints, a thorough investigation was needed, and as such, was immediately ordered.

Kevin Carroll represents one of the victims and spoke with Politico about the case. From his count, at least 54 other women from the CIA have stepped forward with allegations from various points within the last decade. From being victims of sexual harassment and/or assault, as well as cases being gravely mishandled.

This is a black eye the alphabet boys didn’t need. With rampant allegations of their involvement in undertaking cases specifically for the Clintons and other high-profile politicians, many have quietly alleged that they are being used as nothing more than a leftist hit squad. As the bodies pile up and the evidence mounts, people keep being silenced, or even Epstein’d should they find themselves inside jail.

This organization has done more harm than good for the American people over the last decade despite their no-fail missions. As they continue to flood the world with further incompetence and, as now unveiled, a tremendous amount of distrust and horrible actions, perhaps it’s time to just let this organization go. While we will always need to gather and assess intelligence, the CIA has proven itself to be incompetent at intelligence or even keeping things central.