China Buying Farms in Maine and Setting up Illegal Marijuana Grows

Valery Shanin /
Valery Shanin /

Chinese nationals living in New York and Maine have been purchasing rural properties in Maine and setting up illegal and unlicensed marijuana grows. The Biden regime has known about this for a while now, according to a DHS memo that was leaked to the press.

There are at least 270 such sites scattered across rural Maine, and Chinese nationals are hiring illegal aliens to work the illegal weed farms.

The illegal farms cover Somerset County, Penobscot County, Kennebec County, Franklin County, Androscoggin County, and Oxford County. According to an unclassified DHS memo, this has been happening for the past two years—pretty much ever since Joe Biden ended a Trump administration initiative to crack down on Chinese spies and criminal organizations.

The DHS memo, which the public was never meant to find out about, says the illegal weed farms are being purchased and set up by Asian Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs), otherwise known as the Chinese Triads (that nation’s version of the Mafia). All of the purchases were made by single individuals living in Massachusetts and New York.

The Chinese have managed to set up a network of nearly 750 illegal marijuana farms across the country, including the 270 sites in Maine. Law enforcement officials speaking anonymously say that the federal government under Joe Biden has known about this for at least the past two years. Property values are cheap in rural Maine, and Joe Biden’s open border policies have supplied the Chinese criminal gangs with a steady stream of cheap labor.

The DHS memos note that some of the properties are even being purchased by Chinese illegal aliens. The network of illegal marijuana farms is believed to be generating more than $4.3 billion per year, with much of the cash being sent back to Communist China.

The memos do not mention whether “The Big Guy” in the White House is getting a 10% cut from this criminal enterprise that the federal government isn’t doing anything to stop.