Cartel Traffickers Are Donning Body Armor and Shooting at Border Patrol Agents

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US Customs and Border Protection agents got into a gunfight with cartel traffickers along the California-Mexico border on August 18th. The cartels are becoming increasingly brazen as they try to shove as many illegal aliens as possible into the country in order to destabilize America for Joe Biden’s Great Reset. The “coyotes,” or human smugglers who traffic people across the border, are starting to wear body armor and are even impersonating Border Patrol agents to try to sneak in.

A Border Patrol agent caught a group of illegals being led by a coyote across the border in the Otay Mountain Wilderness in California. When the agent tried to stop them, the coyote in body armor started blazing away. Other nearby agents rushed to the scene, and the coyotes shot at them too. The agents hid behind cover, and all the illegals scampered back into Mexico.

“Smuggling organizations are becoming desperate and escalating their level of violence because of the work being performed by U.S. Border Patrol agents,” said San Diego Sector Chief Patrol Agent Patricia McGurk-Daniel in a statement.

Yeah, about that… is anyone else noticing something weird about this story?

Why is the Border Patrol vigorously enforcing California’s border while allowing every illegal alien on the planet to flood into Texas and Arizona? For that matter, why don’t we ever hear any stories about illegal aliens sneaking into New Mexico, the other state along our southern border? Is there something different about California and New Mexico when compared to Texas and Arizona?

Oh… right. Kind of gives the whole thing away, doesn’t it?

Joe Biden doesn’t want illegal aliens getting into blue states like California or New Mexico because they are his ideological allies. He wants the illegals to all end up in red states like Texas and Arizona so that they can remake the demographics of the states where Joe Biden’s political enemies reside. Blue cities and states are already crime-ridden dumps filled with filth, violence and degeneracy thanks to mass immigration. Why burden them with all the incredible social costs of illegal aliens when you can just dump them in red states?

Letting the illegals into the country has nothing to do with compassion for “refugees.” It has everything to do with the Democrat Party’s desperate attempts to stay in power. A majority of American voters won’t vote for the crazy politics of the Democrats, so they’re bringing in ringers from socialist countries who are guaranteed to vote for them.

Take that, red-state America!

Illegal aliens don’t do the Democrats any good in places like Los Angeles, Chicago or New York City. The Democrats already have hegemonic control of those cities. They would very much prefer that the illegals end up in Idaho or Arkansas or South Dakota. They’ll do the Democrats a lot more good in those states.

Wrecking the country and our culture while stealing the American dream away from our own children and grandchildren is a small price to pay to give the Democrats permanent dictatorship powers over our formerly great country. But it’s a sacrifice that Joe Biden is willing to take.

Here’s a quick news blurb from Tucson that reveals the lengths that Biden’s cartel buddies are willing to go to, in order to smuggle increasingly huge numbers of illegal aliens into the country: