Breaking! Congress Snoozes as Pfizer Admits It’s Doing COVID Gain-of-Function Research

Seda Yalova /
Seda Yalova /

After the Project Veritas video of Pfizer’s Director of Research & Development was viewed by 20 million people last week, YouTube blocked it and almost the entire mainstream media blacked it out. Not to worry, though. Upon learning that Pfizer is creating biological weapons that could kill every person on Planet Earth, the United States Senate held a 5-hour hearing to get to the bottom of Taylor Swift’s online concert ticket sales kerfuffle. Apparently, Taylor Swift fans who waited for hours were unable to… oh, good grief. Don’t you just hate Congress right now?

They’re literally the worst.

Project Veritas broke the biggest news story of the century last week. An undercover journalist went on some fake dates with Pfizer’s gay Director of R&D. Pfizer executive Jordan Walker admitted on camera to the journalist that Pfizer is conducting illegal gain-of-function bioweapons research on COVID-19, so they can develop vaccines for new strains of the virus before releasing them on the public and presumably killing millions of people.

The fear of dying from Pfizer’s new-and-improved coronavirus will, Pfizer hopes, scare even more people into getting injected with their experimental mRNA shots. When Walker realized that he had confessed Pfizer’s entire evil plan for world domination to an undercover journalist, he attacked Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe, briefly kidnapped O’Keefe’s staff inside a restaurant, and smashed O’Keefe’s iPad while crawling around and howling on the floor.

So, it’s kind of a big story.

Every newspaper in the world, which is high on that sweet, sweet Pfizer cash, has instituted a total news blackout on this story. CNN and MSNBC have still not mentioned it. This is why it’s so important that YOU share these articles with others, especially on Twitter, which is the only social media channel where people are allowed to mention it.

Even if the press does eventually cover it, you already know how the story will be written. “Nazi white supremacist James O’Keefe pulls horrible racist prank on a poor gay black man.” They’ll ignore the fact that the poor gay black man has just admitted to his company committing violations of international law and several treaties which say that it’s kind of a no-no to develop world-killing viruses.

We know several new things since Project Veritas released these damning videos. First, the videos are real. Jordan Walker does work for Pfizer, he is the Director – Worldwide Research & Development – Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning. Walker’s supervisor reports directly to the CEO of Pfizer. The videos were not fake or staged, as some liberals on Twitter have tried to claim.

Second, independent experts have confirmed that the method of mutating the COVID virus that Walker describes is authentic gain-of-function development. Pfizer calls it “guided evolution,” but it’s the same thing. A public school teacher can call what they’re doing “teaching about gender identity,” but it’s still grooming. Pfizer can call it “guided evolution,” but it’s still developing illegal biological pathogens in violation of international law. Like the arsonist who works for the fire department, Pfizer is creating diseases and then creating a cure for those diseases before unleashing them on the public.

As Antifa was preparing nationwide riots on Friday night to distract the media, Pfizer finally released a press release at 8 p.m. EST – to ensure maximum ignorance of it from the media. Amazingly, Pfizer admits that everything in the Project Veritas video is true.

Jordan Walker is an executive with the company and Pfizer is conducting a “guided evolution” of the Wuhan coronavirus from China. Crisis management becomes easier for a company when they control Google/YouTube, Facebook, and every mainstream media outlet in the world, apparently.

Don’t worry, though! US Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AR) has released a statement on the bombshell news. He says he’s very upset that Pfizer is using taxpayer money to carry out its gain-of-function research.

Wait… that’s… that’s what he’s worried about? So, if Pfizer spent their own money on this, it would be okay for them to accidentally kill everyone on earth?

Biological weapons labs make mistakes and bugs leak out. That’s what got us into the whole Wuhan China-flu crisis in the first place. Making COVID more dangerous and then developing vaccines so you can release should be considered one the greatest crimes against humanity in all of history. And Sen. Tuberville is worried that Pfizer spent taxpayer money on it? I hate these people so much.

At least Senators Ron Johnson (R-MN) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) are trying to get real answers from Pfizer about this crime. But it’s going to take a lot more than two senators to make a dent in the narrative.