Border Agents Accused of Inhumane Treatment of Illegals Again 

David Peinado Romero /
David Peinado Romero /

In July 2022, shocking images showing Border Patrol agents on horseback whipping innocent illegal immigrants made their rounds across social media. Liberals did their own “whipping” by screaming abuse from the rooftops.  

The administration quickly displayed their righteous indignation, calling the footage “extremely troubling.” Then-White House press secretary Circle Back Jenn Psaki called the images “horrific,” and President Joe Biden was quick to jump on the conclusion bandwagon.

“To see people treated like they did, horses really running them over, to people being strapped, it’s outrageous. I promise you those people will pay,” he threatened, well-protected in his bubble of moral outrage. 

Of course, those with any knowledge of horseback riding knew immediately that what they were seeing were the long reins used by those riding in the “western” style, most common for mounted work in rugged terrain.  

One Border Patrol agent admitted that he twirled the long reins to keep the illegal immigrants away from his horse. Liberals cried foul once again, and again, those who understand horseback riding understood that this is a common tactic to keep people from grabbing the horse’s bridle and pulling a rider from the saddle. 

But liberals never let the facts get in the way of a delightful story, and when their claims of “whipping” fell apart under investigation, they chose to change the charges to the use of “force and inappropriate language.” 

The incident, based entirely on misleading information, was quickly cast aside with no apology or acknowledgment that the administration was wrong. It was buried and forgotten, and liberals shifted their attention to Trump’s “immigrant cages” and other morally superior concerns. 

Attention has come back to officials controlling the border recently to deflect multiple illegal immigrant deaths laid directly at Biden’s door. A frantic administration needed a new tactic, and fast, to shift the focus away from their own failed and deadly policies that encourage illegals to come, and in some cases die, at America’s borders. 

One Texas Department of Safety trooper, conveniently remaining anonymous, has brought the focus squarely back to those charged with maintaining security at the border. Among the accusations leveled in an email are allegations of troopers being ordered to withhold water from illegal immigrants and pushing them back into the water to return to Mexico. The trooper alleges that these “inhumane tactics” were ordered by the Department of Safety. 

As was the case with the alleged “whipping” incident, this seems to be ill-placed righteous indignation. The Texas DPS stated that ordering troopers to withhold water and shove migrants back into the river was “not aligned” with its policies. Defenders of the DPS were quick to post images, such as a trooper carrying an injured teenager, on social media. 

Lieutenant Chris Olivarez categorically denies the allegations.  

“I can tell you for a fact that no trooper has forcibly pushed any migrant back into the river,” said Olivarez. “Now, if they got a directive saying, ‘pushed back,’ well that could have been misinterpreted [to mean] physically push them back. That’s not the case. That means just to redirect them either by messaging or just having a show of force by standing at the riverbank by telling the migrants you can’t cross here; you need to go to a port of entry.” 

The incriminating email is designed to be a weekly report on events and issues occurring during June 25 and July 1 for troopers serving as medics.  

With nothing to hide, Texas lawmakers are welcoming a Department of Justice investigation into the matter referred to by the anonymous trooper.  

But the email went a step further, calling for Texas Governor Greg Abbott to remove razor-wire currently set in place to discourage illegal immigrants from coming ashore at certain points along the river. The email points out that the wire “forces people to cross in other areas that are deeper and not as safe for people carrying kids and bags.” 

But razor wire and being “pushed back into the water” is just the beginning of the risks for illegals making the dangerous trek in the scorching Texas heat. Cartels have hacked the administration’s genius “CBP One” app and are intercepting the migrants at points of entry. Many of these immigrants rely on smugglers to bypass the ports of entry completely, ending up dead or at the whim of human traffickers. 

The presence of razor wire isn’t enough to deter illegal immigrants from trying to come ashore at random spots, anyway. During one week, seven immigrants were injured by the wire and required medical attention.  

It’s okay, though. Biden has all kinds of band-aids for all the illegal immigrants who are brave enough to come and get them.