Biden’s Top 5 Inconceivable Lies of 2022

lev radin /
lev radin /

2022 didn’t do the American people any favors. The economy is in the toilet, inflation keeps climbing, and people are deeply divided against one another. And it’s all thanks to President Biden and his liberal agenda. Even though the liberals set the narrative for the mainstream media, they cannot save President Dementia from himself or his inconceivable lies.

These top five are the worst of 2022.

5: Gas Prices. President Biden loves talking about how things were when he first took office. So, in October when he started touting how gas prices have dropped since he’s been in office, it was one of the most inconceivable statements of his presidency. Claiming that gas is “down from over $5 when I took office,” was one of the worst statements he could ever tell the American people. While it surged in some areas, the national average was $2.35 a gallon when he entered the White House.

4: US Geography. Nobody expects Biden to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. Ever since he entered politics, he has consistently opened his mouth and inserted his foot. When he decided to toot his own horn about how hard he campaigned, his white lie streak came out for all to see as he boasted about campaigning in all 54 states. The problem is, the US only has 50 states, and he didn’t campaign in all of them or even half. Somehow both Dakotas, as well as Alaska and many others, were able to avoid his visit.

3: Student Loan Forgiveness. The sitting President has done everything he can to get college students to vote Democrat. He consistently promised student loan forgiveness while on the campaign trail and has talked about “passing student loan forgiveness” consistently since October. The problem is Congress never passed it. He signed an executive order, and since then, it has been tied up in litigation following the announcement, even though students were invited (briefly) to submit their application for forgiveness.

2: Unemployment Numbers. If graduates can’t get jobs, they can’t pay back loans, right? According to President Biden, they can have both without a problem. In this delusional world, everything is going perfectly, too. He claimed to have dropped unemployment to its lowest in 50 years, all the way to 3.5% from 6.5%. Unfortunately for him, that 3.5% was for his predecessor, and he has only recently seen the number approach that low. While lying to the American people about this was bad, the last part is horrific.

1: His Son’s Death. A parent burying their child is one of those things that should never happen, and for President Biden, his good son was the one who died. In what seemed to be an effort to gain support at appearances, Biden twice claimed Beau “lost his life in Iraq.” The truth of the matter is, he died in a Maryland hospital back in 2015 from a very aggressive form of brain cancer. This cancer was strongly attributed to burn pit exposure in Iraq, but he didn’t actually die in Iraq. It’s a misleading statement and even still, veterans are continuously denied coverage for such claims.

These lies have led the American people astray ever since he first took office. Now, as the President of the United States, his lies impact not only the entire nation but the world. Even if we like to think some small remote island off the coast of Peru is not impacted by things in the US, we are only fooling ourselves with that mindset. It makes us look weak, uneducated, and pathetic. It’s time for an honest President, and to bring some integrity back to the US.