Biden Pushes Abortion in Africa

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With abortion mostly illegal now in many states across America, it seems Biden and his allies have turned their innocent killing beliefs to Africa. As more than a few have recently pointed out, there appears to be an increasing amount of federal funding for groups known to push abortion in other nations.

New Jersey Republican Representative Chris Smith is one individual.

According to Smith, the Biden administration seeks to transform a federal foreign aid program designed to deliver AIDS relief into one that promotes abortion and even seeks to eradicate national pro-life laws in those nations.

The federal program known as PEPFAR (the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) was created in 2003 under the Bush administration. This year, it is up for reauthorization. And, of course, the Biden administration wants to make a few changes.

As Smith points out, Biden has already made some changes.

According to a 2022 PEPFAR report, the program is being expanded to include promoting “reproductive health” abroad. This is even further evidenced by the inclusion of multiple references to “reproductive health rights and services” throughout the report, as well as the program’s Regional Operational Plan Guidance for 2023.

And Smith isn’t the only one who has noticed the changes and their meaning.

In May, 31 conservative and pro-life groups wrote to Congress asking that PEPFAR not be used in such a manner.

And last week, 139 parliament members from various African countries where PEPFAR has already begun promoting abortions sent a similar letter to the US Congress, stating they have “concerns and suspicions that this funding is supporting so-called family planning and reproductive health principles and practices, including abortion, that violate our core beliefs concerning life, family, and religion.”

Of course, those groups who have received such funding, Village Reach and Population Services International (both very pro-abortion organizations), deny that the money has been used for anything abortion-related.

Please, tell me how known abortion groups don’t use money to promote or perform abortions…