ATL College Brings Back COVID Masks

Drazen Zigic /
Drazen Zigic /

With rumblings circulating that the Biden administration is planning on launching the country back into full COVID protocols by September or October, the Atlanta, GA-based Morris Brown College isn’t wasting any time in going back to full restrictions for ‘two weeks.’

Posted to their official Instagram account, the college outlined changes the college would be instituting due to what they called an uptick in COVID cases. They claim that the reinstitution of face masks (unless a professor is in their office alone), social distancing, and eliminating large gatherings like parties and large student events will fix the problem.

Dr. Jayne Morgan, executive director of Health and Community Education at Piedmont Healthcare, claimed “This is what endemic means — it doesn’t go away. We know now, with this heat wave, so many people have been driven indoors when we’re usually outdoors. We’re also traveling a lot during the summer, so we’re carrying the virus from one group to the next.”

While the number of people being indoors and not getting fresh air has increased due to the incredible heat, people will still be inside come late fall and into the winter too. Being around one another and sharing the air is to be expected. It happens daily across the US, and the American people love being around one another.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has claimed that a ‘new’ COVID mutation has been spreading across Georgia, with their hospitalization rate up 30% statewide. For other schools in the Atlanta metro area, this hasn’t been enough information or proof to require them to make a change in their COVID or general health policies. They are instead opting to rely on proper science and common sense to keep people safe.

A precursor like this is a litmus test for the rumors of US-wide COVID restrictions coming back to haunt us all. As so-called ‘experts’ continue to weigh in on the subject, many of them proclaim that new variants of the virus are emerging and causes for concern globally. Unfortunately for them, people across the world are getting tired of blindly trusting their government and are yearning to retain the freedom that was so recently torn away from them in the name of safety.

In the US, many Americans blindly went along with the initial recommendations to lockdown their activities and actions. From restrictions on travel and wearing masks to being forced to adapt and work remotely, many people pivoted on a dime with the science. Those who didn’t and wanted to trust the science to play out a bit more were mocked, ridiculed, and threatened.

Running these kinds of college-wide restrictions will eventually trickle over into the average population, with students who are easily influenced by their college and professors trying to take their restrictions into the real world. Many people in the ATL metro area won’t take that kind of mentality easily.

Many people nationwide have already started wearing masks again as a form of precaution. A trend largely being undertaken by seniors and those with already weakened immune systems. They are the same people you would see face coverings from pre-COVID as a form of protection against general cold and flu season, simply because their natural defenses lack the strength to take care of them. For them, this will trigger their instinct to retreat to their homes and stay there until things improve.

The Biden administration and liberal college administrators are shooting to send the nation back to COVID hell. This isn’t a place we want to vacation, go back to, or even head about again. Yet here we are. Just wait, though, like every other liberal college idea, this one is about to blow up in our faces and make a mess of things in the country. Get ready.