As Biden Gives Illegals Free Housing, Our Own Homeless Population Is Soaring

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American homelessness has been growing at an astronomical rate as corporations take over and run properties. With over 577,000 Americans who are currently homeless in the US, we are currently sitting 11% over the number from this time in 2022, according to The Wall Street Journal. The Journal says the increase “would represent by far the biggest recorded increase since the government started tracking comparable numbers in 2007. The next highest increase was a 2.7% jump in 2019, excluding an artificially high increase last year caused by pandemic counting interruptions.”

150,000 of the nearly 600,000 homeless are classified as chronically homeless because they have been homeless for at least one consecutive year. That’s not to mention the people with mental health conditions. Figures like this sound shocking, but given the number who have not been counted, those who have eluded detection or help, and those who have been miscategorized, it only gets worse.

Complicating this matter is Biden’s plan to direct $750 million to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, so they can fund housing facilities (ie government housing) so border-crossers have a halfway house to live in as they figure things out after they arrive. Being able to come and go during specific hours gives them opportunities and ways to stay that the average homeless American could only dream of.

This funding package he is trying to get approved goes even further. Biden wants to ensure they are healthy enough to become voters and will provide medical services, lawyers trained to handle their potential deportation hearings and needs. As if that’s not enough, educational services to make them employable, counseling, and social services referrals would also be made available.

A one-stop Americanization shop could be a great thing if they were coming here legally and by the books. It could be a great source of labor for unskilled and underpaid fields. However, we have a big problem getting the Americans we already have gainfully employed. For many, it’s not a question of not wanting to work, they just can’t find anything paying their worth. With these new illegals, that search can get even harder since they will gladly work for less.

Naturally, of course, the liberally run and overpaid non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that profited off illegal immigration in recent years. DHS contracts, FEMA opportunities, and foreign aid all speak directly to the liberal voter base, and they take full advantage of them. Meanwhile, they stack the deck with liberal voters for decades to come by buying these votes at their most vulnerable moments. It’s a perfectly corrupted and dastardly system.

Considering less than 20% of these illegals are being processed for deportation hearings, many are being allowed to remain, and even more are simply disappearing as they are hard to locate once they decide to walk away. It’s not like anyone will make them prove they are who they say they are because that would be racist in Biden’s America.

Meanwhile, our fellow Americans suffer on the streets. There is some truth to the notion that you cannot help those who don’t want it, and many are opposed to taking the help. They enjoy the freedom that they find being homeless brings them. They aren’t completely crazed or alone in thinking that way, either. A nomadic lifestyle is something many people have been undertaking since Biden took office.

Furnishing the illegals with everything they need might be the most liberal choice Biden could make, but it will cost the American people dearly. Instead, this money needs to be spent on fixing the problems here in the US. Given how many Veterans who are counted among the homeless, it adds insult to injury for these brave men and women.