AOC Is Still Trying to Target Your Burger

Ron Adar /
Ron Adar /

When Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), started her quest for the Green New Deal back in 2019, she tipped her hand in a major way. Seemingly by accident, her website laid out the long-term plans for eliminating cows from the agricultural food chain. As expected, they chose crass terms to outline their agenda. With no bones about it, they explained that they set a goal of net zero in 10 years instead of just zero admissions. They claimed they couldn’t eliminate cows and their gas or airplanes in that short time frame.

Removed shortly after it was noticed on her FAQs, she and her fellow liberals tried to play it off as a joke. They even convinced the mainstream media it was never there, and any “proof” that it was posted on her website was nothing more than a fluke. More insultingly, they reported specifically that the Green New Deal would never call for such a thing.

Failing to get the American people behind their absurd plan, they shared it with the liberals in Europe, where giving up freedoms is accepted more easily. Now, the European Commission is targeting farmers in Ireland. Under newly imposed limits on nitrates, farmers are stuck choosing between three devastating options.

The first option of paying someone to haul away the waste is the costliest over the long term and is horrifically thought out. Waste like this is the perfect fertilizer for grains and other plants that often end up being turned back into cattle feed. A major part of the circle of life, it is one use that has proven perfect over decades and one that farmers depend on. Farmers don’t need to haul it away, and doing so doesn’t fix the pollution issue they claim they need to fix.

A second option is to make farmers buy more land. The idea of spreading out the cattle somehow making the level of gas concentration lower will fix the problem in their minds. The problem is, that most of these farms aren’t surrounded by land that is up for sale. If it is, it’s likely already owned by another farmer. Also, if the land for sale isn’t categorized properly, they are forced to pay substantial fees to have it re-classified. This step also adds on significant sots in taxes yearly.

This leaves a final option – thinning the herd. While they can sell them off to other farmers, many don’t have the land or the money for more cattle. Those that do are only buying at criminally low prices to offset the other costs. Of course, there is also the slaughterhouse. According to figures in the Irish media, this could lead to the death of 41k cattle by the end of the year.

One thing that won’t be happening is the Scooby Doo-like hiding of cattle. Back in 2022, Ireland mandated electric identification tags for all cattle. This makes it “impossible” to hide them from officials. While this sounds like sci-fi stuff, the US is already pushing for this to happen, and using the COVID-based excuse of believing Ireland has proven it can trade disease. Never mind the fact that the US is the gold standard for food safety and quality in the world.

Playing out their dreams in the name of “green” they want to ensure the small market farmer is eliminated. They believe that we need the Tyson, Perdue, and Sam Walton (ie Walmart) farms of the US are perfect to supply the entire nation with meat solely from their farms. They want to eliminate small market and specialty farms.

This means the meat with the antibiotics and drugs they want to pump you with. As previously discussed by many, this means widespread instances of meat infected with the COVID vaccine and others through dead and chemically enhanced viruses. For ages now they have been trying to control the globe through their abuses, and this is just another one.

Allowing the AOCs of the world to control our meat, how it’s monitored, where it’s located, and how it’s raised is not their business. We already have ample laws and rules about the raising, herding, transportation, and butchering of meat.

Truly, we don’t need more rules, more big-market farms, or more antibiotics and drugs. Small market farms make it possible to get meat raised in under rigorous tradition and harvested with specific methods. In some religions, this is non-negotiable, and for those with allergies, it can be the difference between life and death.