AOC Didn’t Just Violate Ethics; She Stiffed Small Businesses, Too

Ron Adar /
Ron Adar /

Remember when New York Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went to the Met Gala wearing a dress that said “Tax the rich?” at the time, her hypocrisy was more than evident. But now, it’s being proven that she not only violated House ethics rules to do so but also stiffed a whole slew of small businesses in the process.

To begin, let’s point out that AOC is a self-proclaimed socialist. This means she supposedly is for the little people, small businesses, and equality for all. The idea that some people have far more than others is repulsive to her and her ilk, as is their apparent need to flaunt it on every and all occasions.

And yet, AOC was in attendance on the night of the 2021 Met Gala, an event that cost a whopping $35,000 for just one ticket or $250,000 for a table. The price of the tickets alone should have made it more than unlikely for such a socialist to be there.

But as a House Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) investigation suggests, there’s a lot more than hypocrisy going on here.

For starters, there is the fact that the Met tickets were supposedly a gift. Now, in some ways, this should excuse her attendance a bit. I mean, at least someone who apparently abhors capitalism didn’t pay those outrageous prices.

Then again, who those tickets came from makes her look even more guilty.

Now, it’s important to understand at this point that the investigation began due to a complaint against the Congresswoman and her alleged ethics violations that was filed shortly after the night in question.

However, thanks to a liberally led House and Senate, little was done about those violations. Now, however, with a Republican majority in the House, it seems she is finally being held accountable. In December, the House Ethics Committee announced that it would officially look into AOC’s actions for the night. The OCE confirmed that on Thursday with a recommendation that an investigation would begin.

According to reports from multiple sources, AOC was a “guest” of Vogue magazine. Even Anna Wintour of the publication registered her as such on the guest list for the night.

And therein lies the problem.

As the New York Post reported, such expensive tickets could, in fact, be accepted by AOC, per House ethics rules. But as even her lawyer and staffers warned her, that could only be the case if the Met offered the tickets. Vogue was another animal altogether, as it employs lobbyist members – a direct violation of ethics rules.

As her lawyer told staffers at the time, “the Congresswoman could accept an invitation from (the Met), but not (italics his) from Vogue… Since Advance Publications is a registered lobbyist, we’ll need to be extra careful.”

Apparently, in true AOC fashion, she didn’t care. She accepted the tickets and went anyway.

But that’s only the beginning of her transgressions for the night.

As you might imagine, such an event requires more than the usual business outfit and makeup.

And so, AOC made sure to wear a custom-made, one-of-a-kind dress, estimated to be worth thousands and thousands of dollars, matching ritzy shoes, makeup, and hair done to the hilt, and of course, she was chauffeured around all night. Oh, and she also stayed in a luxurious hotel.

Again, this doesn’t seem very socialistic of her, does it?

Then again, as numerous reports have proved, she never actually paid any of those small businesses or services. In fact, she’s spent the better part of the last couple of years refusing to pay for such. Hell, she’s even gone so far as to scold some of those vendors for demanding payment, so much so that some actually gave her massive discounts, which she still refused to pay.

As reports tell it, it wasn’t until the recent investigation by the House Ethics Committee began that she finally decided to pay the $344.85 for her makeup, the $477.73 her hair cost, the $586.84 limousine bill, another car service bill of $571.59 or even the $4,602.92 for her hotel.

So much for being a good socialist, huh? She can’t even do that right.