Another Democrat Mayor Wants to Deport Illegal Aliens from His City

Bruce Stanfield /
Bruce Stanfield /

Massachusetts is the only state in America that has a so-called “right to shelter” law. If a homeless family turns up in any town in Massachusetts, local officials have to drop everything and provide them with shelter, food, healthcare and any other needs they might have. Now that gigantic hordes of illegal aliens are flooding into the state (thanks to Joe Biden), many Massachusetts mayors want to deport them, because they’re overwhelming the system.

For example, 80 illegal alien families suddenly showed up in the small town of Woburn, Massachusetts this month. Woburn only has a population of about 40,000 people. Under the state’s right-to-shelter law, they stuck the family in hotel rooms and are now struggling to meet their needs.

Social services in the town are already strained to the breaking point. The seven elementary schools in Woburn are overwhelmed, because they don’t have enough translators to even communicate with the illegal alien kids.

Woburn Mayor Scott Galvin, a Democrat, is now calling on the Massachusetts state government to amend the right-to-shelter law. Galvin says the right-to-shelter law was passed 40 years ago and was clearly meant to only apply to homeless Massachusetts families. He says the law was “passed at a different time and was not meant to cover what we’re seeing now.

What Galvin is really saying is that he wants the right-to-shelter law to be amended so he can kick the illegal aliens out of his town and make them someone else’s problem. The Martha’s Vineyard liberals freaked out last year when Ron DeSantis sent them a busload of Venezuelans, and they had the military haul the illegals away in less than 48 hours. Woburn doesn’t have the same clout as Martha’s Vineyard though, and they’re stuck with these 80 families for now.

The liberals are all consistent, though. As soon as they have to get up close and personal with illegal aliens, they immediately want to get rid of them.