You Won’t See Ivanka Trump Parading Around Like Oprah

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Unfortunately, disasters like the wildfires of Maui happen all too often. Even more unfortunate is that some seem to take advantage of such situations for self-aggrandizement. Thankfully, Ivanka Trump is not such an individual.

You probably don’t know it, but Ivanka traveled to Maui, Hawaii, just days after the disaster, immediately providing aid and comfort to those in need. Unlike those such as Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, she didn’t do to promote herself, her charity, or anything else.

Instead, it was a rather quiet affair. But one that has a massive impact and will likely be felt for years.

As the UK’s Daily Mail reported, the former first daughter teamed up with CityServe International, a humanitarian group she’s supported for years now, to distribute more than 250,000 prepackaged meals and much-needed supplies for displaced families and individuals in the Lahaina area.

As CityServe said in a statement, Trump met with families, offered comfort, and handed out pre-paid gasoline cards, water, vegetables, prepackaged meals, and more to those in Lahaina.

“Her humble presence lifted spirits and reminded the people of Lahaina that they are not forgotten.”

The group added that she was right there alongside their team, “hefting boxes, consoling survivors, and passing out meals to those who’ve lost everything.”

And she did it all without fanfare or drama. She wasn’t welcomed on a red carpet, had no camera following her around, and certainly wasn’t making big public statements. Instead, she simply served.

In addition, CityServe noted that she quietly used her connections to arrange for more than one million dollars in supplies for the area. Thanks to those connections, families who lost it all receive dry foods, small appliances, toys for children, electric scooters, electronics, ebikes, ukuleles, and “several pallets of Jockey clothing.”

Over 2,170 acres of Lahaina were laid to waste by the wildfires, leaving 97 dead, another 66 still missing and over 2,200 buildings completely destroyed.

Thanks to Ivanka, the community gets supplies, not the self-serving attention of supposed do-gooders.