Winnie Xi Pooh Has Chinese Troops Prepping for Battle As Biden Sends His Number 12 To Visit

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Chinese President Xi Jinping is tuning up the drums for the march of war. During a tour of the Eastern Theater Command’s headquarters, Xi instructed the Chinese military to push forward with war planning and combat readiness. With President Biden’s number 12, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen landing around the same time in Beijing, the timing seems ominous.

Following this inspection, Xi “stressed efforts to break new ground for theater command development and war preparedness,” according to state-run Xinhua. Given the Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) is also headquartered at this location, and their main focus is the Red Sea and Taiwan, it would seem that he is ready for battle.

By making more man-made islands, he is telling the world that he and China are ready to keep Taiwan under their thumb by any means necessary.

Yellen is on this trip to beg on behalf of Biden that Xi doesn’t call his tab with the US. With financial ties between the country being almost as strained as their political ones, Yellen believes she can save the relationship.

“We seek a healthy economic competition that benefits American workers and firms and to collaborate on global challenges. We will take action to protect our national security when needed, and this trip presents an opportunity to communicate and avoid miscommunication or misunderstanding,” she wrote on Twitter.

This trip isn’t a sign that Biden is committed to fixing things with China, it’s to grovel. A move that should be off the table for a sitting US President. Rather, this is a sign that the man is as weak as he is mentally impaired.

Get ready boys, you’re about to have the freshest Chinese food you’ve ever tasted.