White House Upset the NYT Remind Readers About Biden’s Age

Drop of Light / shutterstock.com
Drop of Light / shutterstock.com

On February 19th, a piece for the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism came out and sent shock waves through DC. New York Times (NYT) publisher A.G. Sulzberger pulled back the curtain on Joe Biden’s White House, and it turns out they are furious he would dare talk about Biden’s age.

“We are going to continue to report fully and fairly, not just on Donald Trump but also on President Joe Biden. He is a historically unpopular incumbent and the oldest man to ever hold this office. We’ve reported on both of those realities extensively, and the White House has been extremely upset about it.”

Given the release of Robert Hur’s report about Biden’s illegal possession and storage of classified documents, the administration should ashamed when Biden’s age comes up. When someone is found to be mentally feeble and likely unable to understand what they did was illegal, it presents a problem. However, when that person is the leader of the free world, the problem becomes 100 times larger.

Reminding voters about the truth concerning Biden is part of the NYT’s major mission in the world. This man lacks the mental capacity to do much of anything at this juncture, and serving as the leader of the free world is not something we can trust him with. No matter how upset the White House might be, the truth is Biden is not only bad for the country, but he is bad for the entire world.

Let’s not forget just how corrupt his time in office has been. Or how many times we have seen evidence of Joe, Hunter, and other members of the Biden tribe making money at the taxpayer’s expense. It’s all proof that this man is no longer fit for office, and kudos to the NYT for sticking to the truth about Sleepy Joe.