What Else American Tax Dollars Are Funding Besides Weapons in Ukraine

CeltStudio / shutterstock.com
CeltStudio / shutterstock.com

We all know that Democratic President Joe Biden and his ill-advising administration have been helping to fund the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, providing the smaller nation and our ally billions to continue to battle their larger neighbor. But did you know that our taxpayer dollars being sent to Ukraine aren’t just buying weapons?

During a recent episode of CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” millions of Americans learned that their hard-earned tax dollars aren’t just supporting the “good fight” for Ukraine.

It’s also buying things like seeds for Ukrainian farmers, propping up small Ukrainian business owners, funding police and firefighters, training rescue dogs, and even paying the salaries of Ukrainian civil servants.

“60 Minutes” reporter Holly Williams spoke to Tatiana Abramova, the owner of a small knitwear company in Ukraine. Abramova explained that helping the economy assists the war effort and ensures that the rest of the nation isn’t falling apart while the war continues.

“Because economy is the foundation of everything. We realize that it’s the aid from government, but it’s the aid from the heart of every ordinary American person.” She added that she is truly “grateful” that Americans are giving to her and her nation.

Of course, the only problem is that America is suffering quite drastically herself. And yet, nearly $25 billion of the funding that could solve those problems here at home has been given to help the economy of somewhere most of us have never been and will never go.

As multiple social media users have since pointed out, America has a lot of problems.


Thanks to Biden’s dismal economic decisions, inflation is crippling US consumers and businesses alike. Our own first responders have essentially been defunded. Our southern border is constantly being invaded and promptly ignored. And don’t even get me started on rising crimes and homelessness in our cities.

But rather than spending the money we gave them, our self-serving government is literally handing that over to people overseas.

Biden has once again proved he has no intention of ever putting America first.