West Virginia GOP Wants Closed Primary After Democrat Jackassery in New Hampshire

BestStockFoto / shutterstock.com
BestStockFoto / shutterstock.com

After the 2020 election, we all realized that the Democrat Party’s leaders were perfectly willing to shamelessly steal elections and then pretend like nothing untoward happened. In 2024, we’re realizing that the rank-and-file Democrat voters are just as morally bankrupt as their party leaders. Case in point: 70% of Nikki Haley’s voters in the New Hampshire primary were actually registered Democrats, thanks to the state’s open primary system. West Virginia conservatives are working to prevent similar election interference in their own primary on May 14th.

President Donald Trump crushed Nikki Haley in the New Hampshire primary. It was a record-setting victory, and Trump became the first non-incumbent to ever win both the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. However, Trump’s victory would have been much larger were it not for Democrat election interference.

New Hampshire uses an open primary system, so any voter can vote for the other party’s candidate. Since the DNC is not allowing any “official” candidates other than Joe Biden to run this year, the elections in states that have open primaries basically have no meaning. All of the Democrat voters are free to meddle in the Republican Party’s open primary contests because there’s no way that the DNC will award any of its delegates to anyone other than Joe Biden.

It’s basically insane to allow open primary systems. Why would you allow members of another party to determine who your presidential nominee is? That’s almost as dumb as allowing foreigners to vote in your elections.

The West Virginia Republican Party Executive Committee is trying to prevent a repeat of the Democrats’ election shenanigans from New Hampshire from happening in their own state. The committee is considering a proposal to close the party’s primary in May. This won’t have any impact on the presidential primaries this year; most analysts think Trump will have the nomination locked up long before that. It would, however, prevent Democrats from interfering in the races for Governor and US Senate in West Virginia.

Moore Capito, the son of Trump-hating RINO Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), is running for Governor this year. He’s a squishy open-borders moderate, and he knows that his only chance of making it through the Republican primary in West Virginia is if Democrat voters bail him out in an open primary. Local Republican leaders in the state have been arguing for a long time that the open primary system has caused them to lose seats due to Democrat election meddling.

“Traditionally, what has happened in Republican elections is that about two-thirds of the non-parties would vote in our primaries, and about one-third would vote in the Democrat side of it,” says West Virginia Senate Finance Committee Chairman Eric Tarr (R-Putnam). “But what we’ve seen in a couple of elections in the past is that ability to move that third that normally votes in the Democrat primary over a Republican primary has cost us seats at the local level and state races.”

There’s no doubt that if New Hampshire did not have an open primary system, Nikki Haley’s loss to Donald Trump would have been even more humiliating. Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA notes that the town of Hanover, NH, which is very liberal, only had 841 Republicans vote for Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Nikki Haley, thanks to Democrat election interference, drew 1,472 votes from the same town last Tuesday night. Nikki Haley’s loss would have been staggering if New Hampshire had a closed primary. If Republicans are smart, they’ll move to close as many open primary states as they can, so we can finally put a stop to this absurd practice.