We Are Doomed: West Point Now Offering a Degree in Diversity & Inclusion

Alan Budman / shutterstock.com
Alan Budman / shutterstock.com

West Point used to be one of the most esteemed and prestigious military institutions in the world. It produced some of the finest military leaders in US history, and two US presidents went to school there. But just as with everything else that Joe Biden touches, West Point is now swirling the drain. The once-rigorous academics at West Point have been invaded by the social justice communists. West Point has quietly added a Minor in Diversity and Inclusion Studies. And why not? The college barely allows any white students these days anyway.

Instead of teaching leadership, character development, and other values that used to be central to an education in America, West Point is now teaching students to get into the diversity racket. Hate everyone else because of their skin color, and especially those whiteys.

The academy describes its “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” courses in euphemist progressive terms, but it’s the same radical sex and race craziness as everywhere else in American society these days. The coursework that students have to take to complete the minor includes things like Social Inequality; Power and Difference; and The Politics of Race, Gender, and Sexuality.

West Point says, ironically, that the Diversity and Inclusion Studies degree is designed to increase recruitment. We see how that’s already working out. The diversity and inclusion garbage is the main factor driving the military’s current recruitment crisis. The Navy had to shut down its digital recruitment program that was being run by a transgender a few months ago. It turns out that potential Navy recruits just aren’t that into ugly men in cocktail dresses. Who knew? (Insert your own joke about the Navy here.)

Americans with traditional values, especially veterans, know better than to have their kids enlist in the military under Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. It’s gross and weird, and the negligence and incompetence that result from diversity, equity, and inclusion are going to get a lot of soldiers killed eventually. We’re going to lose a major war because of this.

The situation has gotten so bad that Joe Biden allows transgender soldiers to openly cross-dress while in uniform. Transgender soldiers are also permanently exempt from deployment, so long as they’re taking their gender-bending hormone pills. What’s the point of even having someone like that in military? They can’t deploy? What is that?

West Point is even bragging right now about the fact that it openly discriminates against white applicants. You might be thinking, “Wait a second! Didn’t the Supreme Court just rule against these discriminatory recruitment practices at Harvard and other schools?”

Yes, they did. But Joe Biden’s argument is that West Point is a military institution, and therefore is exempt from the Supreme Court’s ruling. Lawyers representing the Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) filed a lawsuit against West Point on Tuesday over its racist discrimination against white applicants. The SFFA is the same group that successfully sued Harvard for excluding white and Asian students.

SFFA argues that West Point is violating the equal protection clause of the Fifth Amendment—which is the whole point of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, really. Attorneys for SFFA say that there is “no justification for using race-based admissions.” The group also argues that since anti-white racism is now illegal at non-military colleges, West Point “is not exempt from the Constitution.”

Donald Trump will put an end to this garbage in about five seconds once he’s back in the White House. In the meantime, the rest of us just have to settle for the fact that our nation is being guarded by a military that increasingly hates us.