Violent Clash Erupts in Calgary as One Diversity Fights Another Diversity

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Are Western nations ever going to learn from the insanity of bringing entire villages from the Third World and transplanting them into our cities? When you bring hordes of foreigners into a country, they bring their tribal rivalries with them, along with their tendencies to commit rape and robbery.

Calgary, Alberta, is now finding this out the hard way, as police are dealing with clashes involving rival tribes of Eritreans from Africa.

Police were summoned to the Falconridge neighborhood of Calgary on Saturday when a violent brawl between 150 people from a tiny African nation that most Canadians couldn’t even find on a map. The reason? Inter-tribal warfare that probably dates back centuries.

Many of the African men had baseball bats and sticks. Ten people were sent to the hospital. Clashes like this have been happening between Eritreans in Canada, Europe and the United States this year, although the media rarely covers it in the US. One side wears blue shirts in opposition to their home government, and the pro-government side wears orange, and they start attacking each other with sticks and machetes.

You’d think that leaders might ask themselves: “If they’re so concerned about their government structure back home, why in the world should we let them into our country? Go sort it out among yourselves, far away from our people.”

The same thing happens all the time here in the US now, but it rarely makes national news. Riots break out at the National Mall in Minnesota. Rival tribes of Syrians beat each other with sticks in Allentown, Pennsylvania. A Somali drove from Salt Lake City to Twin Falls, ID, to stab a rival tribesman at a child’s birthday party.

Diversity is not a strength. It never has been, and it never will be.