Undercover Cop Caught Cutting Fencing at the Capitol on January 6th

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

As the trials of the January 6 defendants have repeatedly revealed for the past year, the crowd at the US Capitol on that day was crawling with professional agent provocateurs who committed violence and vandalism and directed innocent Trump supporters to walk into the building. Revolver News has now revealed with video evidence that at least one undercover police officer was cutting and removing security fencing around the Capitol, to facilitate the crowd getting closer to the building.

This unidentified cop (or federal agent) was prepositioned near the Capitol steps, not far from suspected spy Ray Epps who “allegedly” launched the riot that day. Later, the same individual is seen on video cutting security fencing and taking down signs. Without the fencing and signs in the way, many members of the crowd were completely unaware that they were trespassing when they stepped onto the Capitol lawn.

The shadowy figure cutting the fencing is calm and completely dispassionate. He looks as though he is simply there to do a job. He was wearing a doo-rag on his head and dark sunglasses to conceal his identity. He is simply nicknamed #Fencecutterbulwark by internet sleuths who have been working for two years to identify him. The FBI has not placed this individual on any most wanted lists, and no one has been able to ID him through sophisticated facial recognition technology. The guy is a ghost, in other words.

The same goes for another individual identified as #ScaffoldCommander. That individual was also prepositioned before the riot, and immediately climbed the scaffolding outside the Capitol once the fencing was breached. He then used a bullhorn to urge the crowd to “Move forward! We need your help!”

The whole thing was a setup by the feds and undercover police officers. Watch as Darren Beattie of Revolver News explains the difficulty of trying to identify these obvious feds and undercover cops, which completely undermines the January 6th narrative that we’ve been fed: