Turns Out Social Distancing Came out of Thin Air

Gary Varvel / creators.com
Gary Varvel / creators.com

January 10th saw the fabled Dr Anthony Fauci appear for his second day of closed-door testimony before members of the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic. With the press barred from coving the testimony, the only information coming out is via a brief recap of Tuesday from Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH).

According to Wenstrup, the six-foot social distancing requirement “was likely not based on any data. Rather, he quoted Fauci as saying, “‘It just sort of appeared’…Dr. Fauci acknowledged that the lab leak hypothesis is not a conspiracy theory. This comes nearly four years after prompting the publication of the now infamous ‘Proximal Origin’ paper that attempted to vilify and disprove the lab-leak hypothesis.”

He also unveiled two more lines about Fauci’s appearance that are crucial to take note of. “Dr. Fauci admitted that America’s vaccine mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic could increase vaccine hesitancy in the future…Dr. Fauci’s transcribed interview revealed systemic failures in our public health system and light on serious procedural concerns with our public health authority.@COVIDSelect looks forward to speaking with Dr. Fauci further during a public hearing this year.”

Having Fauci admit that he screwed the pooch (in so many words) on COVID is huge. While this is simply snippets of what he said in a closed-door session, the fact that they are already looking forward to him speaking publicly about this is shocking. Should he speak publicly on the subject, it won’t be surprising if he waits until after the election to appear. Given what he has already said, it wouldn’t be a shock if he were to have an ‘accident’ along the way.