Turns Out Liberals Don’t Like a Clean Kitchen?

Olaf Speier / shutterstock.com
Olaf Speier / shutterstock.com

Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL) was given the opportunity to the Republican response to President Biden’s State Of The Union address. Presenting the rebuttal her way, Britt chose to speak from the kitchen in her house. To her and many other Americans, this is where families come together. As she said in her social media post, “To the American people: Our future starts around kitchen tables just like this. With moms and dads just like you.”

Yet, people like MSNBC’s Andrea Grimes, who titles herself as a “journalist and activist” took offense to Britt’s response. In the twisted minds of liberal journalists, this was all propaganda.

“Ideally, Britt would have been canning beans or kneading bread with a baby on her hip at the same time, but the related racket would likely have made her strained stage whispers about murderous immigrants difficult to hear.”

Grimes continued by attacking Britt’s setting and post caption as well. She explained that Britt’s kitchen “is unlike any I’ve ever cooked in. No fridge plastered with kids’ drawings or chore charts. No counters strewn with mail and sunglasses and mugs. No crumb-filled toaster or gunky microwave. Nary a ceramic rooster or a cow-shaped cookie jar in sight. Not even a chalkboard with ‘live, laugh, love’ painted in crisp white script. Just a pristine, greige showroom for conservative conformity.”

She then focused her rage on the idea that conservatives are pushing women to live the “traditional wife” role and not pursue careers or lives outside the kitchen and babies. Something that Sen. Britt and other conservative politicians aren’t pushing women towards. Her rambling about the patriarchy made almost less sense than a Biden speech.

It’s funny that a journalist and activist can’t wrap her simple mind around the concept of having. Clean, organized, and non-cluttered kitchen without being forced to. Then again, not everybody is willing to do the hard work it takes to have an accomplished career and home life. It’s a hard balance to strike, and it requires some serious dedication to achieve, and most liberals aren’t willing to put in that work.