Trump Makes Unexpected Tour Stop at Iowa Pub, Stopped Two Shots Shy of Judging a Wet T-Shirt Contest

a katz /
a katz /

When the Trump Train makes an unexpected stop on the campaign trail, it’s not a surprise that things are going to be hectic. Make that spot a bar in middle America, and hectic becomes the understatement of the year., especially when he’s passing out pizzas.

With one spunky co-ed walking up to meet him, she showcased her high-collared white tank top and asked him to sign it. Well above her breasts, the former President happily signed his name for her. As he passed out boxes of pizza to people and signed more Presidential things, the feel in the air wasn’t all that dissimilar to that of a college bar.

For Trump, the stop reflected an important change in how he sees his campaign going. With numerous allegations of previous “naughty boy” behavior that were never truly proven, he has tread lightly for years. Now with the simple request of this barfly, he has gone back towards suggesting the past allegations weren’t all that off-target. Given the propensity for spontaneous wet t-shirt contests and other activities to suddenly happen in such rural communities like this, the night wasn’t more than two shots away from that happening.

Trump knows what his people expect of him. Given the polarizing and different perspectives in which people view him, he has lately been playing it up for each side. While an encouraging sign that he won’t lock people out, his attempts to play both sides of the conservative fence could get ugly.

The side many keep hidden at parties isn’t something they want out in the public light, yet here he was exposing this side for the people to see and drink up. For many who have been supporting him, this might be too far.