The S&P 100 Has Only Given 6% of Jobs to Skilled Whites Since George Floyd’s Drug Overdose

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After George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose while in police custody in 2020, corporate America threatened to “do better.” They were going to hire a lot more “people of color” from now on. The unstated inverse of that, of course, was that they were going to hire a lot fewer white people. Bloomberg News decided to check on that promise and see whether it was kept. It was. Drastically. Since George Floyd’s death, highly skilled and trained white people only accounted for 6% of all new hires in the S&P 100.

The top 100 companies in Standard & Poor’s have stopped hiring the best candidates based on merit and now limit their hiring practices to skin color only. That’s not going to end well.

2021 was the most recent year that has good data available, but it paints a stark picture of how hiring shifted after the BLM riots demanded equity (your home equity, that is). The first year after George Floyd’s self-inflicted drug overdose death, the S&P 100 increased its workforce by 323,094 workers. Bloomberg reports that only 20,524 of them were white.

Blacks accounted for 23% of new corporate hires, Asians were 22%, and Hispanics were 40%, compared to only 6% of whites. Even the lumped-together racial category of “Other” had more new hires than whites (8%).

The argument from the racial justice warriors is that this overcompensation is necessary—in other words, they have to be extra racist against highly skilled white workers—because the other races have been “historically underrepresented” in the corporate world. The biggest impact on hiring was in entry-level corporate jobs for white applicants—jobs like sales and services. This means that in the years to come, there will be fewer whites climbing the corporate ladder if they’re able to climb the ladder at all because of their skin color.

If you want to know what this is going to make corporate America look like in a few years, look no further than Silicon Valley. Both Google and Facebook are run almost entirely by Indians in upper management. This is why these companies that were launched here in America are actually so anti-American in their operations. The people running them are elites from overseas who have no connection to America’s rich heritage of individual rights and freedoms.

Facebook and Google hate freedom of speech and the Second Amendment because their upper management comes from a country that doesn’t believe in those. If you think all of this diversity hiring in corporate America is going to make the country better in a few years, that is 180 degrees incorrect. The woke mind virus is going to captivate every company on the S&P 100 in a few years, and anti-white hatred is only going to get worse.

This corporate discrimination against whites in 2021 was even worse when adding the workers who were laid off in corporate America. Among companies that shrank their workforces, whites accounted for almost 70% of layoffs. They fired a lot more whites and hired a lot fewer whites. Meanwhile, blacks accounted for 16.5% of layoffs, Hispanics made up 9.7%, and only 2.3% of Asians were laid off.

It’s not your imagination. Leftists are twisting America’s idea of a color-blind meritocracy into a viciously racist, anti-white system. The content of your character no longer matters. The skills and experience you have accumulated no longer matter. All that matters is skin color. This isn’t going to get corrected anytime soon. Who would stop it? Merrick Garland?