Texas Rep Admits Biden Is Costing Votes

KingTa / shutterstock.com
KingTa / shutterstock.com

Admitting you’re wrong is never an easy thing to do. Especially as a Democratic politician. For the December 27th edition of CNN’s “Out Front,” Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) decided he needed to get ‘out front’ of the reality with Joe Biden as President. In no uncertain terms is he beyond a failure at the border, but the longer the Democrats keep backing him, the more they are chasing bad money with good.

Talking about the realities of the border at places like Eagle Pass, TX, Cuellar emphasized that the decision to start shipping them to San Antonio for full processing is a genius idea. They have the space and facilities to process them adequately. However, he wonders about the long-term viability of this idea and who’s influencing Biden on these decisions.

“If you look at the numbers, straightforward for the last 25 years when somebody goes in front of an immigration judge, 13% will be accepted, and the rest will be rejected. So, why are we processing hundreds of thousands of people where at the end of the day…they’re not going to be accepted? So, I agree that the border has been ignored. They’re listening too much to the immigration activists. The White House and a lot of members of Congress and the Senate listen to the immigration advocates. But who’s listening to the border communities?”

He raised a valid point here. For such a small amount of acceptance, why is the Biden administration making it so easy for them to be accepted and allowed in? Sending them right back would help alleviate the overcrowding the liberal self-imposed “sanctuary cities” are complaining of. It would ultimately slow down the massive population boom the US suddenly has and would also increase tax effectiveness.

Yet, to Biden, this doesn’t matter. As Cuellar sees it, there is a simple answer here, but Biden needs to be smart enough to make it happen.

“We’re losing Democrats, people that are frustrated because they’re not seeing what should be done at the border. Look, we want to see law and order at the border and still treat the migrants with respect and dignity. But they’ve got to follow the rules…keep in mind, Democrats are divided in New York. Democrats are divided in Chicago. There are people that feel there [are] just too many people coming in. Yes, we can bring in water buckets to help the border, but it’s not bringing water buckets. What we’ve got to do is turn off the faucet.”

The faucet he refers to is one the Democrats not only willingly turned on, but when Biden nixed COVID’s Title 42, they turned it to full blast. Getting the flow of illegals to stop and making it criminal is the only answer we have left. While the US was founded on the principles of immigration and welcoming people, we have evolved.

America’s welcome mat takes some effort to have it laid out. It means bringing something to the table and being a good person. Filing the right paperwork and being vetted before coming here. Not just showing up and claiming it is horrible at home and nobody likes you, so the US needs to take you. Also known as requesting asylum in 2023.

Biden’s attitude of welcoming the illegals, the asylum seekers, and his cohorts trying to nip at his heels to make the citizens immediately is setting the American people up for failure. As a nation, we need to keep the sanctity of the immigration process. While it’s horrific that some of their home nations are in shambles, we cannot help every person or even every nation. Perhaps winning their independence, and making things better is something they can do. God knows we have a habit of sending them money and resources to do it either way.