Teens Refuse To Accept the Holocaust for What It Was

New Africa / shutterstock.com
New Africa / shutterstock.com

Given all the unbelievable lies the Obama and now Biden administrations have forced on the American people, it’s not surprising that people have a hard time trusting the government. Yet history is one of the few things that people accepted. Knowing full well that the victor writes the story, many now are starting to question history. Even the Holocaust.

A recent survey by YouGov/The Economist has churned out some surprising and, quite frankly, disturbing results. Showing a strong disconnect with reality, 20% of 18-29 year-olds believe the Holocaust is a “myth.” Compared to the 8% in the 30-44 year-old group, this number is incredibly mindboggling.

With the systematic elimination of six million Jews and millions of others in the name of Nazism, it’s amazing that people are doubting it. With 30% of the young respondents questioning the authenticity of the historical evidence, 25% went so far as to call it “exaggerated.”

Unsurprisingly though, 28% also believe the Jews have excessive power in the US, while just 8% of those 65 or older share the same belief. Racially, 27% of blacks reported that Jews hold too much power, with 19% agreeing with that statement. Comparatively, just 13% of whites voted the same.

Shockingly, the results were relatively even across the education levels, but it seems that the major disconnect could be coming from new sources. For those under 30, they trust social media roughly the same as they do traditional news sources. Completing the cycle of stupidity, in that same sub-30 category 32% claim that they source their news via Tik-Tok.

TikTok was the root of the sudden resurgence of Osama bin Laden. Users were frequently recirculating his 2002 letter that attempted to explain and justify the 9/11 attacks. They defended his ideals, spread a message of dissent with American politics, and policies, and gaslit the situation. Speaking out as if America asked for such an attack, and many downright saying the country got what it deserved, they proved how little they have learned.

Given the recent Congressional testimony of the presidents of Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) it shouldn’t be shocking. As these ladies were trying to avoid questioning the banning of calling for genocide against the Jewish people on campus, it became apparent that they, too, blamed the Jews.

Asked directly about their stances and the university’s stance concerning bullying, harassment, and the mistreatment of Jews on campus, the presidents made it readily apparent that they hate the Jews. While none of them would condemn this kind of treatment from their students or faculty, their boards and fellow liberals continued to support them and press the message that Hamas is good, and the Jews are horrible.

So far, only Liz Magill of UPenn has resigned in the wake of her comments. Harvard and MIT boards have both stood by their presidents, despite numerous alumni speaking out and objecting to the President speaking like this.

For these ladies, this should have never been entered into the Congressional records. They may have Ivy League levels of book intelligence, but they are devoid of common sense of any kind. A horrific combination, they are speaking on behalf of institutions that historically have challenged hate and division. Universities that push for the highest levels of education and training, were thought of as being the best free thinkers and the most intelligent you could hope to meet.

As the leaders of these kinds of institutions, they have a responsibility to help guide the youth of America; a task that they seemingly don’t care about. Instead, they are more than content with allowing these kids to think that the Holocaust wasn’t real, or that we are making it a bigger deal than it was. This says something horrible about the American education system, and where we are going as a nation.