Talk About Projecting, Liberal Media Calls Trump a Dictator

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard all about how awful and authoritarian former Donald Trump is. It is one of the liberal left’s major talking points, after all.

But as it turns out, Joe Biden has been more of a dictator than Trump ever was or is.

You’ve likely heard it said Trump was the worst POTUS ever. Despite bringing our economy back from a devastating pandemic, closing off our borders to continued threats, and keeping us out of any wars, liberals and their leftist-backed media outlets would love for you to believe that anyone would be better than Trump.

In fact, that is the very reason why we have Joe Biden in office, who was put there not because people actually like him or his policies but because he wasn’t Trump.

Naturally, they are trying the same technique for 2024.

The only problem is that they’ve gone too far this time, calling Trump a dictator and authoritarian, all while it’s more than clear that this is exactly what Biden has become since he assumed the Oval Office.

A writer for The Wall Street Journal recently pointed as much out, claiming that what the political left is really doing by claiming Trump is a tyrant is projecting.

Allysia Finley wrote, “The portrayal of Mr. Trump as a would-be dictator is a textbook case of psychological projection, the process by which people avoid confronting their own unwanted thoughts, feelings, or behaviors by subconsciously ascribing them to others. Psychologists refer to this as a defense mechanism.”

In this case, it’s also being used in an attempt to sway voters to their side of the argument.

In most articles where you see Trump described as a tyrant come a 2024 win, the author focuses on a few key Trump actions.

One is his supposedly authoritarian decision to first ban incoming “migrants” from nations known to dislike us and, secondly, build a wall to stop an increasing and ongoing immigration crisis. But as Finley notes, the Supreme Court has upheld both decisions as putting America first and constitutional.

Of course, they also claim he incited insurrection by encouraging supporters to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” Not only does this not equal a dictatorial-like move, not a single firearm was brought into the capitol or used by protestors that day.

Tell me how this was really an “insurrection.”

And when Biden was elected as the winning president, despite the left’s insistence that he wouldn’t, Trump left the White House of his own volition and peacefully.

Now, let’s look at Biden’s record.

Remember when Biden tried to implement student loan debt cancellation?

He, as he has with so many others of his “policies,” used an executive order. The Supreme Court, as is their right, shut him down. Yet, in a move defined by dictatorship, Biden went around them and did it anyway, finding a way to write off some $127 billion and add to the national deficit.

Then, of course, there were the COVID vaccine, lockdown, and masking mandates. Again, these were all shown to be unconstitutional and government overreach. And yet, Biden did them anyway.

Under Biden, big tech companies have become censoring and infringing the rights of working Americans for all manner of things, from COVID policies to election integrity.

And when it came to January 6, Biden’s DOJ arrested and charged more than 1,000 protesters, most of whom did nothing more than walk on the capitol grounds and carry a sign. To be sure, the J6 investigation is the largest in department history, and all of it surrounds a political opponent of the current leader.

Tell me how that doesn’t sound dictator-like…

And don’t even get me started on all the ways Biden and his party have demonized the supporters of the very same opponent. Even Biden’s FBI has begun labeling MAGA Republicans as “terrorists.”

Of course, the political left doesn’t want you to see these flaws in Biden or their party. And so, they are attempting to paint the real problem as Trump, likely the only man who could destroy their current seat of power.

Too bad we can see right through this defense mechanism.