Starbucks Fired Manager for Being White

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If you didn’t know, coffee giant Starbucks has been sucking on the liberal teat for a while. And now, they are paying for it.

It all began in 2018 when two black men were arrested after visiting a Starbucks in Philadelphia. The men didn’t buy anything and were considered loitering, which isn’t allowed. So when one of them asked to use the restroom, workers told him no.

Needless to say, the man and his companion didn’t take it too well, pulling the race card and making quite a scene, enough so that the cops were called and both arrested.

As you can imagine, it became quite a racial controversy, with plenty of people claiming that the coffee chain was somehow “racist.”

If Starbucks had any kind of backbone or willingness to stand behind their employees, they would have just ignored the ranting and raving and when on with business.

But, of course, they didn’t.

Instead, they caved to the left’s demands, making a public and over-dramatic apology about the situation. Additionally, they closed down about 8,000 temporarily to supposedly “teach workers about racial bias.”

Naturally, this wasn’t nearly enough for the slanted left. They wanted blood, apparently.
And so, Starbucks fired the regional manager of the location in question.

Now, the thing is that the manager, Shannon Phillips, who is white, wasn’t even at the location when the incident happened. Instead, it all went down under the supervision of another manager, who is black.

And yet, it was the white woman who wasn’t even there who got fired, supposedly because she was racist.

As you can imagine, a court case was filed to fight her wrongful termination.

And on Monday, a New Jersey jury decided that Starbucks was in the wrong for that. Phillips was awarded a whopping $25.6 million for having her civil rights violated.

Justice prevails. And perhaps, Starbucks will think twice before caving the left in the future.