Someone is Building a Massive Bridge in Panama to Flood the US with Even More Illegals

Jose Mario Espinoza /
Jose Mario Espinoza /

A massive construction project is underway in a dangerous section of Panama, and no one seems to know who is funding it. Construction crews are building a bridge “big enough for a column of tanks.” Once the bridge is complete, it will help the hordes of illegal aliens headed toward our southern border to get through the jungle more easily and safely.

The Daily Mail reports that this massive bridge, which sprang up out of nowhere, is being built at Yaviza—the southernmost point in Central America that you can drive to on the Pan-American Highway. Once it’s complete, the bridge will span the Rio Chuconaco.

The river crossing is at the end of the Darien Gap, a 100-mile-long stretch of jungle that illegal aliens have to cross before making it into Panama. The Darien Gap is full of bandits who consistently rape all the women and children and steal the valuables from every illegal alien making their way north.

Once the bridge is complete, fewer illegal aliens will die in the dangerous crossing of the Rio Chuconaco. This raises a great question: who is building this bridge?

The most obvious culprit would be China, which stands to emerge as the world’s lone economic superpower after America collapses under the weight of Joe Biden’s illegal aliens. China did, after all, pay millions of dollars in bribes to the Biden crime family to control the White House. As long as Joe Biden keeps our southern border open, China is the one country on earth that benefits the most from America being swamped by hordes of foreign invaders.

Independent journalist Michael Yon has been to the Darien Gap numerous times and he says he can’t get a straight answer out of anyone about who is funding the new bridge.

“I keep asking government people who’s actually paying for this, and nobody seems to know,” says Yon.