Small White Town in Wisconsin Paying the Price for Joe Biden’s Invasion

Ryan Broshar /
Ryan Broshar /

The sleepy little town of Whitewater, WI, is about an hour’s drive west from Milwaukee. It’s an idyllic American town with a population that usually hovers around 15,000 people. Whitewater is so boring and perfect that the local newspaper used to focus on stories about school bake sale fundraisers and the arts and crafts hobbies of senior citizens. Today, the paper more likely carries headlines about dead babies stuffed in cardboard boxes, outbreaks of sexually transmitted diseases in the elementary school, and a gaping $400,000 hole in the local budget. It’s all thanks to Joe Biden throwing the southern border wide open.

City officials claim that 1,000 illegal alien peasants have shown up in Whitewater over the past two years. Locals say the true number is likely closer to 2,000. At any rate, the population of Whitewater has swelled by more than 10% in just two years. Most of the invaders are from Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Larger cities like Chicago and New York are grabbing all the headlines about the invasion, but the shock that small, rural towns are facing is far worse. New York City moans and groans about the 120,000 cradle-to-grave welfare leeches that have shown up in the past two years. The invasion that Whitewater is facing is orders of magnitude worse by comparison. New York City would need to have 1.5 million invaders show up to place an equivalent strain on its resources.

The schools in Whitewater have been forced to hire new English as a second language (ESL) teachers. The schools in Whitewater suddenly have 300 new students who don’t speak any English. Plus, the illegal alien kids are coming to school with sexually transmitted diseases because they live with distant relatives from peasant rape cultures.

“You’re setting up a disastrous situation,” said an unidentified school official. “There’s been an uptick in STDs and other sexual health issues.”

Police are overwhelmed by unintelligible 911 calls every day and night as the drunk invaders beat the living hell out of their wives, girlfriends, and daughters. Local health clinics are going broke because none of the illegals have insurance and they don’t pay their medical bills. The cops found a dead baby in a cardboard box last year, which is a type of crime that has never happened before in sleepy little Whitewater’s history.

Fentanyl and other drug seizures are suddenly through the roof in a town where it was rare to catch a teenager with a joint a couple of years ago. One law enforcement official says the invaders perform “farm or factory labor during the day and cocaine sales at night.”

It’s also caused a massive housing crunch. Whitewater is so small that there are only an average of seven new homes built there every year. One Whitewater lady went into her backyard shed and discovered an illegal alien woman with a baby living in it.

The main thing that baffles Whitewater residents is why the horde of savages just showed up in their town. They’re not a sanctuary city. No red-state governor is busing them there. Most Americans couldn’t find Whitewater on a map. Yet all of a sudden, the small, rural town is home to thousands of Central Americans with face tattoos.

Donald Trump defeated Joe Biden in the 2020 election in Whitewater, WI, by a margin of 511 to 387 votes. If the horde of invaders were to be granted citizenship and voting rights, it’s unlikely that any Republican could ever win an election there again. Are you starting to see what this is really about?