Sen Manchin (D-WV) Has Had Enough With Shorts and Hoodies; Files To Restore Dignity to the Floor

Andrew Cline /
Andrew Cline /

Senator Joe Manchin. (D-WV) is one of the most right-leaning Democrats known to man. While elected for the left, a lot of principal beliefs are deeply conservative. One of them is the concept of right and wrong. Keeping the traditions of decorum and sensible government alive is not an easy thing for politicians to do, especially as the left tries to eliminate it.

With the recent relaxation of dress codes on the Senate floor, Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) was considered to be behind the change. Many have been calling it “The Fetterman Rule,” as he is consistently seen in sweatshirts and shorts in the Senate halls and even voting from the doorway to not breach the previously instated but unenforced dress code. Adopted after he stepped away from his office due to what many called severe depression, the walking corpse of a Senator has been nothing less than a disgrace since he was elected.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) led the charge of nearly all conservatives in trying to get Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to reverse his decision, they want to keep the honor of the office intact. “Allowing casual clothing on the Senate floor disrespects the institution we serve and the American families we represent. We the undersigned members of the United States Senate, write to express our supreme disappointment and resolute disapproval of your recent decision to abandon the Senate’s longstanding dress code for members and urge you to immediately reverse this misguided action.”

A charge like this from the GOP leadership as well as selected Democrats, is incredibly powerful for the American people to bear witness to.

Consistently seen in extensively liberal events like The Oscars and Grammy Awards become nothing more than an exercise in criticizing middle- and lower-class America. All while showing as much skin and inappropriate behavior as possible, and now they want to make their way of acting at these ceremonies completely normal and accepted in everyday life. Contrary to their beliefs, there are simply places you need to dress for the role.

Much like you wouldn’t wear your Roto-Rooter suit to your wedding, you wouldn’t wear your grandfather’s silk tux to play football. Some articles of clothing are strictly for specific instances, and wearing them outside of that is just inappropriate. Asking people to wear a simple suit for men and a skirt suit or dress for women is not difficult. It shows respect for the office, for those who have held the office before them, and for the American people.

Despite liberal logic to the contrary, wearing a suit is not selling out, it has no racial connotations, and it’s not elitist. It’s simply doing the right thing and ensuring the dignity of the office is maintained. Doing the right thing here is what makes everything else fall into place. If we don’t do the simple things right, we will only fail at the hard things. This easily understood concept is something that the military has become experts in, and now it’s time for elected officials to catch up.

Looking at Fetterman, though, it’s easy to see why he doesn’t want to wear a suit. The man already looks like Lurch from the Addams Family has a Joker-like chemical accident, and the suits only make it worse.