Schumer Draws Line in the Sand; Pay Off Ukraine or Put Boots on the Ground

Ron Adar /
Ron Adar /

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has made fear-mongering his life’s mission. Appearing on MSNBC on February 5th, he looked to spread more of it for the American people. “We’re at a turning point in America. This bill is crucial and history will look back on it and say, did America fail itself? Why is it crucial? Well, if we don’t aid Ukraine, Putin will walk all over Ukraine, we will lose the war. And we could be fighting in Eastern Europe in a NATO ally in a few years. Americans won’t like that.”

Mind you, this argument is nothing new. President Biden tried pushing this message, as did Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin back in December 2023. So far, the argument has fallen on deaf ears as the American people are tired of funding the war in Ukraine while the Democrats collect kickbacks at every turn.

Also included with this latest funding is humanitarian aid for Palestinians in Gaza as well as $20 billion for the border, which is roughly 1/3 of what the package is also including for Ukraine. Trying to appeal to the emotions of Americans, Schumer and other liberals have shed crocodile tears as they proclaim the poor people of Palestine will stave if we don’t send aid to Gaza. Despite the hundreds of clips that show Hamas stealing this aid and handing out little to none of it to the Palestinian people, the liberals continue to blame Israel.

This line that Schumer has drawn in the sand is a comedic one. The American people aren’t willing to put boots on the ground in Ukraine. While the average citizen here doesn’t have any real skin in the game, they don’t want to see our good men and women die for a cause that has no real interest in the American people. Still, they are tired of watching money being sent to Ukraine like the pockets of Democrats.

Holding American troops at gunpoint unless they get their insider money should be criminal. It’s not our problem if Ukraine isn’t making the strides it needs to make in keeping Russia out, and to continue funding, it is just putting good money after bad. We have already wasted hundreds of billions on Ukraine, and that money could have solved American problems. It could have done wonders on the southern border, in fixing the problem with medicine, or even helped to fix the “equality” problems liberals always say we have.

Instead, they just wasted the money on themselves and special interests. Something Schumer suddenly wants to change, but only starting now.

“So this is crucial for America. It’s a turning point. History is going to look over our shoulders and say, ‘Did we rise to the occasion?’ To his credit Mitch McConnell did, but too many Republicans, including Speaker [Mike] Johnson are just scared to death of Donald Trump. Donald Trump has said he wants chaos. Donald Trump has said well wait till I become president that will take at least a year. Ukraine could be gone. The border will get much worse. War in the Middle East will get worse, maybe bringing us into it.”

First off, let’s make no illusions here. The US is already being brought into conflict in the Middle East. Schumer might be too ignorant to recognize it, and Biden too spinless to properly retaliate, but we are there. The attacks on US servicemembers and the quarters in Jordan, Iraq, and along the Red Sea are inexcusable. Yet this administration wants to make it sound like their increased risks should be accepted and treated like they are business as usual and not like a true threat.

Secondly, the border will get worse under Biden. Trump tried closing it the first time and the liberals stopped every effort he made. If we want to see the US out of conflicts and finally sealing up our borders, then we cannot withstand four more years of Biden and his group of liberals.

Ask your liberal friends and family one simple question, how much better are their lives under Biden, and what made them better? Guaranteed they either cannot say it’s been better, and if they can, it has nothing to do with Biden. Well, that is unless you asked Nancy Pelosi. Then this has been the best four years ever.