School Demands Student Remove US Flags from His Truck, He Stops Going to School

Alexander Reitter /
Alexander Reitter /

In light of the unwholesome and un-American trends that have taken over our culture of late, you’d think patriotic school administrations would welcome students showing off their patriotism. But for one Virginia student, the school blatantly and repeatedly told him he was not allowed.

Meet Christopher Hartless, a Staunton River High School student in Bedford County. Like most teenagers, Hartless has a harmless flair for the dramatic. Coming from a family who has served their country for decades and are proud to be Americans, Hartless wanted to make a statement when returning to school this year, especially since he can drive now.

So, he arrived at school with two large American flags on the back of his pickup truck.

It’s something most of us from small-town America have seen on more than one occasion: flags blowing in the wind going down the highway. And it just makes you smile from ear to ear. Or it should.

However, the school’s administration was apparently less than amused.

They promptly told Hartless he needed to remove the flags from his truck as they were a “distraction.”

He responded by saying that the flags expressed his First Amendment rights. And “My family fought for America and I feel like I should be able to represent the flag that they fought for.”

Indeed, he should.

Additionally, Hartless argued that the flags couldn’t really be a distraction. After all, his truck is parked outside while students are inside learning. Besides, the school has the very same flag, and a massive one at that, flying from their flagpole.

When Hartless refused to remove the flags, the school revoked his parking permit.

So, his parents removed him from the school, choosing to homeschool him.

As his stepmother, Christina Kingery, told WSET, should the school change its mind on their flag on truck policy, she’d be willing to let Hartless return to school, maybe.

Until then, her son will learn in an environment where his values and patriotism are accepted and rewarded.