RFK Jr. Steps in When Celebrity Tries to Rewrite Vaccine Efficacy

Ringo Chiu / shutterstock.com
Ringo Chiu / shutterstock.com

Remember when they said the vaccines would stop and prevent COVID-19? Well, this celebrity claims that never happened. Thankfully, RFK Jr. is setting him straight.

It happened on Tuesday while RFK Jr. was interviewing with podcaster Howie Mandel, a known leftist mouthpiece. Seeing as how RFK Jr is running as an independent for President of the United States and is against vaccines, at least when it comes to COVID, the topic of their efficacy naturally came up.

RFK made sure to point out that they were never a real solution, as all known COVID vaccines neither prevent the virus from spreading nor stop the infection in the human body. In fact, there is little that the shot does do besides become a potential health risk.

Naturally, the presidential candidate, like so many others, therefore has a major problem with the fact those very same vaccines were once boasted as the only way to survive the pandemic of 2020 and pushed upon the US population so mercilessly.

Mandel, on the other hand, has been found backtracking (again) and trying to save face.

After RFK Jr.’s comments, Mandel said, “I never heard you won’t get COVID” after getting the vaccine.

Kennedy made sure to enlighten him.

“I saw a tape yesterday of them all, (Joe) Biden, (Anthony) Fauci, (Bill) Gates… Rachel Maddow saying if you take the vaccine, you can’t get COVID, you can’t pass COVID.”

Mandel claims he never saw it. Or anything like it, apparently.

Kennedy then asked if he could “play it for you?”

This, of course, caused Mandel to backpedal even more. Turns out he must have seen the video or a similar one, as there are plenty out there. Or maybe he just remembered that Rachel Maddow did, in fact, state as much as if it were fact.

According to the transcript of her show on March 29, 2021, she said, “A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus, the virus does not infect them. The virus cannot use that person to go anywhere else. It cannot use a vaccinated person as a host to go get more people.”

That has since been proven as nothing but lies.

And Mandel clearly doesn’t want us to remember that. He then stammered, “Well, wait, wait, wait. It doesn’t matter what Rachel Maddow said.”

I think RFK Jr. made his point…