Protesters Dump a Second Load of Poop at Another Biden Official’s House

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Drop of Light /

There’s an old saying in politics: “If your own voters are throwing poop at your house, your reelection campaign is probably not going very well.” Okay, that’s not a real saying. We made it up. However, members of the Biden campaign must be getting worried now that a second poop attack has been launched against the home of a senior Biden White House official in a matter of days. Especially now that we know the poop-etrators are a key constituency in the Democrat Party’s voting base.

The first incident was a drive-by dookie attack that occurred at the home of Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan. The DC Metro Police left some key details out of the attack when they first announced it. The initial story made it sound as if someone had thrown poop at Sullivan’s house and then quickly drove away. We should have known that was a lie.

It turns out that the people who threw the poo got out of their car and started chanting slogans at Sullivan’s home. Some of the creative slogans included, “Sullivan, Sullivan, you can’t hide, you’re committing genocide!”

Because the protesters were dressed in full Palestinian garb, complete with facial scarves to hide their identities, someone assumed that they had thrown a bomb or a hand grenade at Sullivan’s house. That prompted a hefty response from the Secret Service and the DC bomb squad. It wasn’t a real bomb, though. It was just poop.

The attackers then got in their car and drove away. They still haven’t been apprehended. That occurred on Tuesday of last week. A couple of days later, things escalated into a much bigger attack, this time at the home of Joe Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

Members of the Palestinian Youth Movement—a key constituency of the Democrat Party’s voting base—rolled up in front of Secretary Austin’s home in a pickup truck. They dumped a huge pile of poop in the middle of the street. They also put out orange safety cones, so no innocents would accidentally drive into the giant pile of poop. That was polite.

The attackers then popped smoke devices that displayed the Palestinian colors as they began chanting all-new slogans at Austin’s house. This time, the chants included, “Austin, Austin, rise and shine, occupation is a crime!” and our favorite, “Austin, Austin, you ain’t sh*t, we’ll keep fighting until you quit!”

The Palestinian Youth Movement’s poop protests come on the heels of Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant meeting with both Sullivan and Austin last week. The Biden regime is still refusing to act like the adults in the room by refusing to try to negotiate a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians who have nothing to do with Hamas, including many Palestinian Christians, have been killed in Israel’s indiscriminate carpet bombing of Gaza.

This continues to be a huge problem for Joe Biden in 2024, as Muslim voters in states like Michigan and Maine are turning their backs on him. While they may not like that Donald Trump’s policies lean pro-Israel, at least he kept the peace in the Middle East. Joe Biden just continues to make every problem worse.

It’s no wonder the mainstream media is completely ignoring the Poop-ocalypse that’s happening on the streets of Washington, DC. The optics are terrible for the Democrats. If they can’t even keep their own voters from throwing poop at their houses, they’re in trouble.

Here’s the poop attack that took place in front of Lloyd Austin’s house.