Proof: The Trump Ballot Ban in Colorado Links Directly to the Biden White House

Colin Dewar /
Colin Dewar /

Everyone realizes, at this point, that every single prosecution and persecution being hurled at President Donald Trump is political in nature. What many don’t realize is that these things are not organic. They are being orchestrated behind the scenes by people who work directly for the Biden White House. The latest case in point is the Colorado Supreme Court decision to ban Donald Trump from that state’s ballot. That case is directly linked to Joe Biden. Here’s how.

The Colorado Supreme Court did not render this decision in a vacuum. There was a case that was brought before them. A group called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) sued to have Trump’s name stricken from the ballot. The flawed reasoning behind the suit was that January 6 was somehow an unarmed insurrection, that Donald Trump “led” the insurrection, and that Trump was disqualified from running for office under the 14th Amendment, which only applied to Civil War officers and soldiers.

The media seems to gloss over the fact that it was this group CREW that sued to deny voters the chance to vote for the candidate of their choice. That was by design. They don’t mention CREW because that would lead to uncomfortable questions about the fact that the Biden White House is behind the whole thing.

The president and CEO of CREW is a man named Noah Bookbinder. If you do a cursory search on this guy, you will quickly discover that he sits on the Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council (HSAC), which is part of the Executive branch under Joe Biden. The Biden regime appointed Noah Bookbinder to sit on HSAC in March of 2022. He’s an appointee in an advisory position under Joe Biden.

But it gets much worse than that. Back when Barack Obama was in office, Noah Bookbinder was a trial attorney who worked for the Department of Justice’s public integrity section. He worked under former disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder, of all people. Bookbinder also repeatedly made donations to Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign.

Noah Bookbinder is not some concerned citizen here who actually believes that Donald Trump tried to topple the government with unarmed supporters. Bookbinder is a Deep State creature, through and through. He’s probably intimately aware of the details of special prosecutor Jack Smith’s efforts to keep Trump from winning next year via lawfare and fake criminal charges.

Plus, it’s not like HSAC is one of those pointless little advisory councils that only meets occasionally. Its most recent meeting was in September, and according to the meeting’s minutes, Noah Bookbinder was in attendance. HSAC has produced multiple reports for the Biden regime on subjects ranging from “disinformation” to the supply chain woes that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg can’t seem to solve.

It’s not as if there is a convoluted series of dots that you have to connect here. An official who works for the Biden White House filed a lawsuit to keep President Donald Trump off the ballot in Colorado. There are only two dots: Noah Bookbinder and the Biden White House!

We’ve seen every indication that the Supreme Court will overturn this ridiculous Colorado ruling. If one state can decide that a candidate can’t be on the ballot—especially the frontrunner—it would sow total chaos in the system. Texas is already talking about excluding Joe Biden from its Democrat primary if this Colorado ruling somehow stands.

That’s beside the point, however. The point is that this is entirely political and points directly back to the Biden White House. It’s yet another reason why the House should impeach Joe Biden immediately.