Only 800 of New York’s 110K Illegal Aliens Have Applied for Work Authorizations

Evgenia Parajanian /
Evgenia Parajanian /

Less than one percent of the illegal aliens that have flooded into New York City this year have applied for work authorizations. That kind of blows up the argument that these foreign invaders are just looking for jobs, doesn’t it? Or that they’ll do the jobs Americans won’t do? These people don’t want to work at all. Why would they? Joe Biden has put the word out that this is the land of milk and honey, where illegal aliens are promised cradle-to-grave welfare, a permanent shield against deportation, and no need to ever work again.

More than 110,000 illegal aliens have shown up in New York City in 2023. Mayor Eric Adams has quietly deported 50,000 of them to Upstate New York. He also deported a lot of them to Canada until Justin Trudeau told him to knock it off. The remaining 60,000 are living in more than 200 makeshift shelters around the city, which has enraged the locals. You probably saw the video of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and other Democrats being shouted down the other day by their own voters, who were demanding that Trump’s wall on the southern border be finished.

Democrats continue to insist that if they just get more work visas for these people, the problem will be solved. That’s obviously false since they don’t want to work!

The New York Post found that only 800 of the 110,000 that have flooded into New York City this year have filled out the necessary paperwork to obtain work visas. That’s less than 1%. The offer is on the table, and the Biden DHS and INS would gladly rubberstamp the paperwork for any illegal alien who fills it out. But the illegals figure, why bother? The idiot Americans are paying them tons of money and benefits to not work.

It’s expected that the illegal aliens will cost New York City taxpayers $12 billion for this year alone just to babysit, feed, house, clothe, educate, police, and medicate all of them. Mayor Adams has ordered every city department to cut its budget by 5% to try to help cover the shortfall. New Yorkers have to suffer so that the illegal aliens can sit around on their lazy duffs collecting welfare.

Councilman Bob Holden (D-Queens) said the quiet part out loud when talking about Mayor Adams’ chaotic and ineffective leadership through the crisis. He says Adams’ reaction is “showing that government — no matter what level, city, state and federal — isn’t cut out to handle this.”

Holden added that watching Adams’ sluggish responses to every new development has been “like watching paint dry.”

Both the New York state government and the federal government have criticized Mayor Adams for failing to collect any information on who the illegals are that are flooding into his city. As if that’s somehow his responsibility. The Adams administration only started last week to collect information on which of the illegals are even eligible to apply for work visas.

Meanwhile, the White House is taking no responsibility for the crisis that Joe Biden has deliberately caused. If it weren’t for the fact that our country is being completely destroyed by mass immigration right now, the whole thing would be kind of delicious to watch. The Democrats are practically ready to start eating each other over this issue. It’s one thing to declare yourself to be a “Sanctuary City” when it doesn’t cost you anything. But once the illegal aliens start showing up in their neighborhoods, they suddenly turn into immigration restrictionists.