NY Governor Thinks Illegals Are Good for the NY Economy

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

NY Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul is dancing the streets of Albany with excitement about the prospect opportunities she believes the arrival of the illegal immigrants via bus. The way she sees things, they are the key to bringing economic prosperity back to the state. She sees them as an untapped source of labor.

Yet illegals like these are anything but.

Fellow Democrat and NYC Mayor Eric Adams is already at a breaking point with them. In many instances, officials are stuck between leaving one of NYC’s own homeless outside on the sidewalk or allowing an illegal from another the resources. While for many, this is a no-brainer, it’s not right when the funds for these resources are paid for by taxes, something many of the homeless have paid into for years.

Hochul said at her press conference, “I can’t tell you how many people have said to me, ‘I need them in my North Country Lake Placid hotel, a restaurant over in Syracuse, a nursing home on Long Island.’ There are so many jobs that they could be absorbed into our economy so easily.” A statement like this should be criminal.

NY has been an epicenter for inflation for decades. Thanks to special taxes collected in NYC and the amount of state taxes that are handed over to NYC, the state is nothing but an epicenter for economic depression. When a house and 10 acres in rural NY might only sell for $75,000, you’ll pay $7500 a year in taxes. That means throughout your 30-year mortgage, you will pay for the house 3 times extra in taxes.

So for her to prioritize and celebrate the criminally low wages people are paying, all because their bottom line keeps increasing, and they can’t raise prices a lot more, it’s a dangerous situation. More and more people are being forced to sell off their land and even homes to continue affording to live in the state.

The same areas she claims need the workers already have them available. They are often already trained and have experience too. Yet they can’t take the job because it economically makes no sense. It’s a horrible situation, and it’s turning more and more people into becoming reliant on governmental assistance. That assistance is something these illegals will be arriving with, and employers are rumored to be getting for hiring them.

To put lipstick on not only the pig but also a hat and some pearls, President Biden authorized a system to hand over Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to every illegal who walks over, says “asylum,” and waits in a jail cell for a few days. This method got the mainstream media to stop properly identifying them as illegals. It also makes it easier for them to call the truth something more palpable for their constituents.

Back in May, Hochul shared her excitement for the illegal show. “There are not enough workers here in the state of New York. This is something that is … affecting us with this historic labor shortage. But at the same time … we also have this unprecedented influx of individuals arriving in New York … they’re eager to work, they want to work, they came here in search of work, for a new future.”

Sadly, she is missing the reality of the situation they are creating. When these illegals come here, they often live with 10-14 of them in a two-bedroom apartment. This means they can save significant money on rent and send more back home. This also means they are more than happy to accept positions that pay next to nothing and even take multiple positions.

Despite what they left would love you to believe, they aren’t keeping track of themselves, their employment, or how their money is being wasted. Instead, they are ignoring the problem and acting like it doesn’t exist. By doing this, they are simply encouraging the growth of modern-day slavery by making it more palpable for their “woke” audience. Packaging it up as poverty, virtue signaling that they aren’t racist, and making it seem like they are helping. Truth be told, they are only making it worse for everyone.