Navy Lets Recruits Use Cell Phones During Basic?

Glynnis Jones /
Glynnis Jones /

There are already plenty of concerns about today’s military not being tough or skilled enough to beat our enemies. And yet, the Navy has just decided to give in to soft recruits who want more screen time.

According to the US Navy Recruit Training Command, over the next several weeks, the military branch will begin allowing recruits “limited access to their cellphones during designated periods of training in order to connect with family and friends and manage personal matters.”

Per the Facebook post where the announcement was made, this is somewhat of a trial, with the Navy still undecided on several aspects of the new policy. Therefore, there isn’t a lot known just yet about how the policy will work.

How much screen time will each recruit get? Will TikTok be allowed (an app already suspicious of being used for Chinese espionage)?

These, as well as other questions, are said to be getting answered in the coming weeks, with the Navy posting a Frequently Asked Questions page on their site for all to read.

Naturally, there are mixed emotions over the news.

Firstly, it’s not like the Navy is the first US military branch to offer personal cell phone time. The Army and Air Force already allow as much. So, the Navy’s policies are likely to replicate those of the other branches.

Secondly, many like the idea of being able to contact their soldier from far away on occasion.

However, for those who have gone through the Navy’s basic training programs in the past, particularly not so recently, the idea is yet another sign that the US military isn’t what it used to be. And it hasn’t changed for the better.

Just like how most branches now participate in all manner of woke sensitivity training and such, the thought of allowing these would-be soldiers to yet again take more time away from basic combat training and the like is preposterous.

What do you think about the new policy?