Mortgage Payments Have Nearly Doubled Under Biden

Ekaterina_Minaeva /
Ekaterina_Minaeva /

According to the latest research from the Wall Street Journal, Americans are paying an average of $3,322 per month for their mortgage thanks to Bidenomics. By comparison, when President Trump left office, mortgage rates were much closer to normal, which stood at $1,787.

Per the WSJ, “Homeownership has become a pipe dream for more Americans, even those who could afford to buy just a few years ago. Many would-be buyers were already feeling stretched thin by home prices that shot quickly higher in the pandemic, but at least mortgage rates were low. Now that they are high, many people are just giving up.

With many younger Americans now entering the housing market and also starting to warm up to politics, they are following many of the rose-colored glasses age, and going Democrat. Now starting to see the realities of their votes, many now realize that they screwed themselves out of buying property when they could.

Then again, this is all part of the liberal dream.

Pushing against single-family homes, and large swaths of privately owned land, the liberals have been pushing to put us all into high-rise multi-unit buildings. They think everyone needs to live in big buildings and have less and less privacy. Meanwhile, their investment banker and hedge-fund-owning “leaders” are buying up property to rent and skyjacking the rent while counting it as their assets. Assets that allow them to buy more, and more, and more.

As the WSJ pointed out, the picture for the future isn’t looking too bright either. “It is now less affordable than at any time in recent history to buy a home, and the math isn’t changing any time soon. Home prices aren’t expected to go back to pre-pandemic levels. The Federal Reserve, which started raising rates aggressively early last year to curb inflation, hasn’t shown much interest in cutting them. Mortgage rates slipped to about 7% last week, the lowest in several months, but they are still more than double what they were two years ago.”

What’s complicating matters even more has been the recent boom of illegal immigrants. While people moved around during the pandemic for a variety of reasons, it sent housing costs soaring, creating a massive gap for people. A gap that has only widened with Biden and his fellow liberals footing the bill for the housing of these illegals. By buying up available space, the housing prices when you aren’t one of Biden’s illegals have skyrocketed.

As the illegals keep arriving, people are being priced out of their cities, and out of their own homes. Moving to cheaper locations, the boom of their arrival then drives those prices up, and so on and so on. This perpetual cycle is designed purposefully to make Americans more dependent on the federal government than ever before. Then again, they have bought into the whole system.

Liberals have thrived investing in layaway places like Rent*A*Center, or with high-interest loans like Amscot. They know you’ll keep coming back, and never outright own anything. By the time you finish paying off the old one, it’s time to pay for the next one. No time to wait for the update or the upgrade.

While keeping up with the Joneses fed the economic boom of the Industrial Revolution, it created a need to always have the best and the latest. One that has never left, and one that now makes it impossible to do things without a subscription. From Amazon Prime to your television to your car. There isn’t a facet of your life that doesn’t already have a related subscription, and that’s exactly what the left needs to keep going.

As the American people stay in debt, they push it as a strictly conservative problem and attempt to tell us that the American dream is dead. That ownership and being able to build wealth is something that you are born into, but for a small chunk per month, you can have a taste of the good life.

Enough is enough. It’s time for Biden to be gone, and for the people to go back to owning their own homes. No sense in renting your life away.