Mike Johnson Torpedoes House Dems’ Efforts to Remove Trump from Ballot

Andrew Leyden / shutterstock.com
Andrew Leyden / shutterstock.com

As you have likely heard, the political left’s latest scheme to keep former President Donald Trump from taking his rightful place in the Oval Office has failed. Of course, that doesn’t mean they have given up just yet or that there is any real course of action left for them to take.

If you know much about the progressive movement, you know that it has all but failed. Failed to succeed, failed to inspire, failed to basically get off the ground. And in large part that is due to the ongoing and patriotic efforts of Donald Trump, a man who has sworn to put America first.

So it is only natural that the failing establishment would want to ensure that Trump is kept out of politics for the foreseeable future.

But everything they’ve thrown at him thus far has also failed.

I mean, the man has four separate indictments currently against him, with a combined 91 charges and over 200 years in prison as a potential sentence. And yet, he’s still beating the sitting president and supposed beloved Democratic face by miles in nearly every demographic out there.

They know they can’t use the same tactics as in 2020 to defeat him, although no one doubts they won’t still try.

And so, they’re going with the only thing they believe has any real shot at getting the job done: convicting him of insurrection.

Now, to be clear, they’ve already tried to ban his name from a number of state ballots for that very reason. According to Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, no one who has committed “insurrection” can be eligible to hold office.

The problem is that proving that Trump engaged in “insurrection” is next to impossible, which is precisely why the US Supreme Court ruled on Monday that states such as Colorado could not, in fact, remove Trump’s name from their ballots.

They could do so if he were running for a state office. But since he’s not, only Congress has the authority to actually charge and convict someone of such and then ban him from federal office.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, this means Trump will likely be on every state ballot and have that much more of a chance at winning not only Republican primaries but also the general election against the presumed DNC nominee, Joe Biden.

And so they are going to try one last Hail Mary.

According to Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland, the new plan is to ensure that Trump can be proven guilty of insurrection. How?

Well, by reversing a bill he himself helped to introduce just last year.

Raskin would essentially declare that anyone who participated in the January 6, 2021, Capitol incursion is actually an insurrectionist. As such, Trump, since he encouraged the supposed protest in the first place, could be held liable for its damages.

And so, he could then be barred from federal office.

But again, there is a quite staggering problem for the Dems.

First and foremost, the House of Representatives currently has a Republican majority, meaning it is highly unlikely that such a bill would get enough votes to pass.

And second is the fact that House Speaker Mike Johnson has already declared the bill “dead in the water.”

In fact, when one of Johnson’s representatives spoke to Fox News recently, it was said that the Speaker had essentially told his Democratic colleagues to “get a grip.”

“In this country, the American people decide the next president – not the courts and not the Congress.”

And, of course, he’s right. Only the people get to make that decision. After all, that is why we are called a democracy. And yet, the party of that namesake seems to have forgotten that.

They’ll be forced to realize that, however, when the people also decide that the Democrats have no place in leadership.