Men Can Now Get Free Tampons for Their Wives in Canadian Men’s Rooms

Skrypnykov Dmytro /
Skrypnykov Dmytro /

Canada is such a generous nation! After wannabe dictators like Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden have worked in concert to destroy the global economy, it’s tough for families to make ends meet. In a move that was obviously designed to help out with family budgets, men in Canada can now get free menstrual products for their wives in all the men’s bathrooms. Take all you want home to the little missus, guys. They’re free! That should help with the household budget quite a bit!

Canadian Conservative Senator Linda Frum, who is obviously some sort of genius, tweeted a picture of a basket filled with complimentary pads and tampons in a men’s room at Parliament. She tweeted this message with the photo:

“Back in the day, when only women menstruated, we had to pay for our own products. But now that men menstruate too, these products, as of this week, are mandated to be free in all men’s washrooms in all federal workplaces, including Parliament Hill — where this photo was taken today.”

Back when only women menstruated? That sounds kind of transphobic, Senator Frum!

One anonymous staffer at the House of Commons confirmed the new policy, tweeting, “They’re also going to build dispensers for all the tampons which won’t be used since 1) men don’t menstruate and 2) they are just going to bring them home to their wives for free.”

Justin Trudeau also issued a statement about the free pads and tampons, but it’s just too dumb to bother quoting. He basically said that “menstruating people” are incapable of working if they don’t have access to pads and tampons.

But whatever, thanks for the free pads and tampons that men can now take home to their biological wives, who are the only people who can actually menstruate.