LOL: ATF Chief Fails to Assemble ‘Ghost Gun’ in Scaremongering News Spot

Ambrosia Studios /
Ambrosia Studios /

Some of Joe Biden’s appointees at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) appeared on the CBS [Fake] News show “Face the Nation” recently to do a scaremongering piece on so-called “ghost guns.” It is an election year, after all, so Democrats must try to undermine the Second Amendment to appease their base. The segment turned into an embarrassing failure, however, when a top ATF official proved incapable of disassembling a Glock.

Chris Bort is Joe Biden’s acting head of the ATF’s Firearms Ammunition Technology Division. As Bort tried to demonstrate to CBS [Fake] News viewers how to handle various firearms, things went sideways.

On Bort’s first attempt, he fails to separate the receiver from the frame on a Glock. Other than a homemade “zip gun,” there is almost no other firearm on earth that is easier to disassemble than a Glock. Yet the acting head of the ATF couldn’t do it on the first try.

Bort sets that gun down and makes another attempt on a second firearm, which he manages to disassemble after several tries. Next, he attempts to assemble a “ghost gun” and fails. He can’t get the receiver and the frame to attach to each other.

He sets down those parts and then picks up another Glock, trying to redeem himself on camera. Total failure. Chris Bort’s soft little girl hands were incapable of disassembling the firearm. Finally, he sheepishly hands the gun to someone off camera, as if there was some sort of problem with the gun and not with his wimpy hands.

Actually, we apologize. That’s not fair to little girls with soft hands. There are many little girls on YouTube who can successfully disassemble and reassemble a Glock better than Biden’s ATF chief.

Watch this embarrassing display: