Leftist Governments Moving to Cut Mass Migration Numbers

JK21 / shutterstock.com
JK21 / shutterstock.com

Leftist governments around the world are starting to take positive steps toward limiting the number of illegal aliens posing as “refugees” that they will allow in. These governments are finally starting to acknowledge the fact that mass migration causes serious housing crunches, not to mention destroying the social cohesion of their formerly peaceful nations.

Australia has been pummeled with mass migration this year. The country only has a population of about 25 million people. Between January and June of 2023, the leftist Labor Party allowed 510,000 foreigners to move in. That’s about 2 percent of the country’s entire population, and they showed up in a six-month period.

The Labor Party now admits that its immigration system is “broken” and “in tatters.” They’ve pledged to cut migration numbers to just 250,000 per year by 2025, which would be about one-fourth of the current level.

In Denmark, the Social Democrats are also throwing in the towel. Denmark’s government is going to go even further than Australia’s. They’re planning to implement “balanced immigration.” They will only allow in the same number of immigrants each year as the number of Denmarkians (Denmarkers? Denmarkadians?) who moved out the previous year. If only 10,000 people move out of Denmark, they’ll allow 10,000 immigrants the following year.

Leftist governments are finally admitting that mass immigration crushes native wages while causing housing prices to skyrocket. Here in America, the average price of a new mortgage payment just hit an all-time high. The average monthly payment is now $3,322 per month. That’s almost twice what it was when Donald Trump was in office, and we had operational control of the southern border.

Millennials and Generation Z are simply giving up on the American dream now. They know they’ll never be able to afford a home. We should all be sure to let them know the reason why. It’s because Joe Biden is an a**hole and he keeps letting massive hordes of foreigners into the country.