Just Horrible: Look What Your Tax Dollars Are Actually Used for in Ukraine

CeltStudio / shutterstock.com
CeltStudio / shutterstock.com

Author Candace Owens was right all along. The conservative firebrand was labeled a “conspiracy theorist” for stating that Ukrainian government officials are buying mansions in western Europe and driving around in luxury sports cars, thanks to US taxpayer dollars. In response to the scandal that’s just blown up in Ukraine, dictator Volodymyr Zelenskyy has imposed a foreign travel ban on his own government employees and fired several top officials who were caught taking our cash and setting their own families up in the lap of luxury.

Not that Zelenskyy himself hasn’t been looting his home country’s treasury which is flush with American cash. His wife was outed shopping in Paris last month, where she dropped $30,000 on Christmas presents in just one store. Zelenskyy doesn’t look like he’s missing very many meals, either.

The most suspicious figure in Zelenskyy’s entourage in recent months has been Kyryll Tymoshenko, the 34-year-old Deputy Head of the President’s Office in Ukraine. It’s a position sort of like the White House Chief of Staff here in America. Tymoshenko has been photographed multiple times in western Europe ever since the war in Ukraine started. He’s always driving a bright and shiny new Porsche Taycan, or some similarly overpriced rich person’s sports car.

He’s also been proven to be renting multiple mansions in the countryside in Ukraine (outside of Kiev or any other spot the Russians are likely to bomb), which he’s renting for anywhere between $10,000 and $25,000 per month.

Zelenskyy seems to have realized within just the past few weeks that all of his deputies and cabinet members are looting the place like crazy, which Zelenskyy wanted to do himself. On January 18th, it appears that Zelenskyy had a helicopter shot down as it was carrying three of the main figures from Ukraine’s Interior Ministry.

Not long after that, Tymoshenko sent Zelenskyy his resignation letter and promptly fled to Israel with about $600 million in US taxpayer money. You can’t make this stuff up.

Zelenskyy then imposed a travel ban on members of his own government, so nobody else can make off like a bandit. He then fired people from the following positions in the Ukraine “government:”
• Deputy Minister for the Defense Ministry Vyacheslav Shapovalov
• Deputy Prosecutor General Oleskiy Symonenko
• Deputy Minister for Development of Communities and Territories Ivan Lukeryu
• Deputy Minister for Development of Communities and Territories Vyacheslav Negoda
• Deputy Minister for Social Policy Vitaliy Muzychenk
• And the governors of Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson, Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia, and Sumy

(Side note: It appears that community developers in Ukraine are just as crooked as the ones we have in Chicago.)

The Defense Minister guy was in charge of billions of US taxpayer dollars that were supposed to be going to the Ukrainian army, which seems to always be running out of weapons despite the never-ending flow from the uni-party in Washington, DC, and the crooks in NATO.

The news of Zelenskyy firing (and killing some of) these officials and Tymoshenko running away with $600 million from American taxpayers come as Joe Biden has announced he’s sending American tanks to Ukraine. Great idea! Because the kleptocrats have been doing such a great job with all the resources we’ve sent so far!

The greatest irony in this is that the war party Democrats blocked a bill last month calling for an audit of the enormous sums we’ve sent to Ukraine. Based on the Ukrainians’ current track record, the American taxpayers should not be on the hook for one more cent of aid to Ukraine. This war was over before it even started anyway. Let the Russians and Ukrainians duke it out among themselves since this has nothing to do with any American national security interests whatsoever.