Judge Refuses to Have Trump Jailed

Frederic Legrand - COMEO / shutterstock.com
Frederic Legrand - COMEO / shutterstock.com

I’m sure you can imagine a few souls who would like nothing better than to see Donald Trump in jail. However, one judge has ruled that he shouldn’t be jailed… at least not yet.

The ruling comes as part of the January 6 incursion case against Trump.

As you likely know, Trump is being tried for supposedly inciting insurrection and violence leading up to that fateful day. Thus far, a lot of allegations have been put forward by special counsel Jack Smith and his team from the Department of Justice. But no real evidence has been laid out. Neither have they gotten anything to stick.

Naturally, while the trial and continued investigation is ongoing, Trump has been ordered into silence about the whole thing. Should the gag order be violated, there will be punishment. But that punishment will not include jail, according to a Sunday ruling by US District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan.

Per the order, Trump is to remain silent on all charges and persons involved in the case. According to Smith, any such comments could either intimidate a witness or interfere with the prosecution. Of course, Smith also wanted to see Trump thrown in jail should he break the gag order.

Chutkan said that would not be necessary.

While she did issue the order, which is a farce in and of itself, she maintained that there were other ways to keep Trump’s mouth shut and other consequences that could be used.

“The government also asks the court to incorporate the Order into Defendant’s condition of release… Even assuming that request is procedurally proper, the court concludes that granting (jail time) is not necessary to effectively enforce the Order at this time.”

Of course, Trump doesn’t really seem to care what the consequences are or even that an order may or may not be in place.

Not even 75 minutes after this gag order was reinstated (after having temporarily put on hold recently), Trump took to his Truth Social account to blast his former attorney general – and potential witness in this case – William Barr.

As Newsweek reported, the attack was not really about the case. Instead, it was merely a response to recent statements Barr said about the former president.

On Friday at the University of Chicago, Barr said in a speech that Trump’s “verbal skills are limited.”

So, naturally, Trump took a moment to scold Barr on a personal level.

“I called Bill Barr Dumb, Weak, Slow Moving, Lethargic, Gutless, and Lazy, a RINO WHO COULDN’T DO THE JOB… So now this Moron says about me, to get even, ‘his verbal skills are limited.’ Well, that’s one I haven’t heard before. Tell that to the biggest political crowds in the history of politics by far. Bill Barr is a LOSER!”

Again, this is clearly a personal tirade, whether you agree with it or not. It has nothing to do with the case or even how Barr might be influenced to speak during the case.

However, Never Trumpers like the editor of the liberal site Meidas Touch, Ron Filipkowski, wasted little time in claiming that this was a direct violation of the most recent gag order.

Unfortunately, and according to the powers that be in the court, that is likely true.

But it’s also clear that Trump really doesn’t care.

Thankfully, he can’t be thrown in jail for this, no matter how much they want him there. At least for now, that is the case. As Trump only grows in popularity and the Democrats ‘ chances of winning in 2024 continue to dwindle, we’ll see if that changes at all.