Joe Biden’s Alleged Rape Victim Who Fled the Country Sues the FBI

BreizhAtao /
BreizhAtao /

Remember Tara Reade? There’s been a media blackout on her for years, but she is the woman who alleges that she was raped by Senator Joe Biden in 1993. When she brought her claims to the world in 2019, she was branded as a liar and viciously smeared. In 2023, right as she was about to testify before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Government Weaponization, Ms. Reade vanished, only to resurface in Russia, which had granted her political asylum. This week, Ms. Reade filed a $10 million lawsuit against the FBI for damages.

What in the world happened? This story left people with many more questions than answers. Why’d she end up in Russia? Was Tara Reade just a crazy person all along?

Far from it. We finally have the answers to many of these questions. The lawsuit explains it all in painful detail.

When Tara Reade attempted to tell the world about when Joe Biden allegedly raped her during the 2020 presidential campaign, she was universally smeared as a liar and a grifter. This was despite the fact that Reade filed a complaint with congressional investigators after the incident in 1993. She told family members and friends what had happened. Her allegations, in other words, are entirely credible.

Congress swept the alleged rape under the rug, and her complaint remains sealed to this day. Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) are trying to get the complaint unsealed.

Reade began receiving vicious death threats from Democrats for her allegations in 2019. At the same time, FBI Director Christopher Wray authorized an operation to “retaliate, intimidate, discredit and, if possible, eliminate Tara as a threat to President Biden.”

Ms. Reade called the FBI to report that she was receiving death threats. The FBI told her to come into a field office and bring her laptop and cell phone so they could investigate the threats. As she sat there for three hours, the FBI copied her devices and installed spyware on them, according to the lawsuit.

From 2019 through 2023, the lawsuit alleges that the FBI subjected Tara Reade to a years-long campaign of intimidation and harassment. She had to move twice during that period because her home address kept getting doxed online, and the threats kept escalating. In 2023, Reade realized that this campaign was entirely instigated by the FBI when several agents tried to pull her into an unmarked van.

The lawsuit describes that incident:

“On her way to New York City hotel room from Penn Station several men in an unmarked van insisted on giving her a ride. One grabbed Tara’s luggage while the other distracted her by attempting to drag her by the arm to the waiting van. Tara’s daughter intervened and grabbed the luggage after she saw an FBI badge hanging on the van’s rearview mirror. Tara’s daughter yelled, ‘Leave us alone!’ At which point the FBI agents backed off while they flagged and entered a taxi.”

A publisher in Russia was very interested in obtaining the rights to Ms. Reade’s book about her ordeal in 2023. A few days before she was supposed to testify before Congress about Joe Biden allegedly raping her, Reade flew to Moscow to meet with her publisher. While she was in Russia, Matt Gaetz’s counsel called her. They wanted her in Washington for a press conference on June 7th last year. She informed them that this would put her on a tight schedule since she was in Moscow.

From the lawsuit:

“When she informed them that she was in Moscow, Congressman Gaetz stated that her life was in immediate danger and he feared for her physical safety.”

Tara Reade stayed in Russia, and she’s been there ever since. She was informed by a US congressman that the Biden regime would kill her if she came back. $10 million seems a bit low for what it looks like the FBI put Joe Biden’s alleged rape victim through.