Joe Biden Makes Family Pay to Repatriate Their Fallen Marine Daughter’s Remains

Grindstone Media Group /
Grindstone Media Group /

One of the Marines who was needlessly killed in Joe Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan surrender in 2021 was 23-year-old Nicole Gee. She died in the suicide attack that killed 13 US servicemembers and 170 Afghans at the Kabul Airport. Because Joe Biden doesn’t do anything other than humiliate and degrade Americans, his regime refused to pay the $60,000 needed to transport Sgt. Gee’s remains to Arlington National Cemetery. Biden made the family pay for it.

Sgt Gee’s body was first transported to her hometown of Roseville, CA, for the family’s funeral service. The military paid to get her that far. The Biden regime then informed the family that they would be responsible for the $60,000 it would cost to transport Gee to her final resting place. Stay classy, Joe Biden!

Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL) met with the families of all 13 of the fallen servicemembers since Joe Biden is too busy sniffing kids and taking bribes to bother with stuff like that. It was Mills who first learned that Nicole Gee’s family was being forced to pay the costs to move her body to Arlington.

Under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has the authority to give the family of a fallen soldier “a commercial air travel use waiver for the transportation of deceased remains of [a] military member who dies inside a theater of combat operations.”

But since Lloyd Austin is a d**k, he didn’t grant the waiver to Nicole Gee’s family. Fortunately, a non-profit charity called Honoring Our Fallen helped the family pay to move Sgt. Gee to her final resting place at Arlington.

Is it any wonder recruitment numbers for the military have plummeted under this regime? Even if a soldier makes the ultimate sacrifice for their country, Joe Biden and Lloyd Austin will still treat them like dirt.